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FIFA - We just acquaint them what to do

While your guys were out partying, abundance were alive drills. I apprehend a lot about humans adage there's ascribe lag and players don't so what they want.

I accept that anniversary appearance has their own alone apperception and we just acquaint them what to do. It's up to them to do it accurately if at all.

Why abroad would my IF Thiago distill the brawl like my grandmother? Maybe his little basic adherent larboard him or something and he's accepting a bad day. Annihilation I can do about it but be there for my guy.

Maybe they are accepting alive by the 40 amateur a weekend that they are playing.

Ahhh fifa, afore FUT became a banknote grab every year and added bold modes werent neglected. Tbh career approach was alone aback afresh anyway.

FIFA 08 & 09 had some in actuality acceptable appearance on CM and already FIFA 11 came around, they started to accomplish aloft changes.

If by "major changes" you beggarly in actuality scrapped every alone fucking affection from the mode.

Seriously FIFA 11 bankrupt the offline experience, it had in actuality no abyss whatsoever.

There was in actuality annihilation to do except play amateur or accomplish transfers, even players didn't fucking abound properly.

The alone "feature" in FIFA 11 was the accession of the bays in the accord acceptable cutscene, and that is not a feature.

I bethink that year I adopted FIFA 11 PC off of my acquaintance because it was about FIFA 10 animate but with the latest kits and had the FIFA 10 Manager Approach which I loved.

I admired traveling 4-3-3 with fullbacks and CM's on H/H, CB's on L/H and assiduously on H/L. Annihilation added than 3-5-2 in UT 12 and you were accomplishing it wrong. It was basically a bluff code.

That was FUT 13 with David Luiz, Felipe Santana and Dede as your aback 3. In 12, 4-1-2-1-2 was like the a lot of OP accumulation and bulk blood-soaked bags for a accumulation agenda (remember those?!)

Yep was like 7-10k for a card. Acclimated to barter with cards with 4-1-2-1-2 on them, snipe/bid aboriginal hours of the morning for their normalish BIN with 4-1-2-1-2 and advertise during the day for 5k+ profit.

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