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FIFA - Was gonna accord abroad 5 wins

I did not wish to play WL this weekend. Was gonna accord abroad 5 wins to get the brownish 3 accolade - Able-bodied this guy bankrupt it for the 4 others - MMOGO FIFA 18 Coins.

I already exhausted a guy in the seasons with a brownish squad, the guy had a Musa squad, had his mic on, was bistro chips and talking debris as anon as he saw my team.

I alpha playing, do some basal skilling for fun but i get to annual with my accommodation Nolito and GK as CM.

He starts accusatory how its a debris ambition lol, I annual addition with my brownish striker. He starts accusatory how his controllers were out of allegation and allegedly it was night time, his acquaintance was abusing him.

He started authoritative noises with the chips packet(rustling/cracking noise). He was so acrid lmao.

This was about November I anticipate and the annual acclimated to play was a new one and I played on it just to see how I play with a absolute bad squad.

I bethink already in WL I didn't change my exercise squad, I had like 11 brownish goalkeepers on the field, but approved to accord him a action subbed in aboriginal min De Gea, Smalling and Ronaldo and in fact won in added time like 5:4.

I went to the third annular of online clash in fifa 16 with all Gold GKs.

I bethink some YouTuber acceptable the accomplished affair with goalie gk squad. That YouTuber aggressive me.

I was accident 3-0 in the 20th min bygone and put my ambassador down to conserve my energy.

The adversary went on to annual 7 added goals, which is cool, but dabbed and watched the replays. Not abiding what he got out of that.