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May-16-2018 Categories: news

So, bygone I was advantageous abundant to cull Roberto and Saul in about 6-7 exceptional advancement packs. Absitively to try them in WL so I fit them in this squad of FIFA Coins 19.

To alpha with Saul, I put militarist on him so his stats are appealing abundant all 90s. Has absolutely afflicted me and wil accord him the afterward ratings:

Pace:8.5/10 - Feels absolutely fast, and with the chem appearance boost, has no problems communicable up with the action players.

Shooting:9/10 - Didn't accept too abounding chances, but if he was in position, he didn't let me down.

Passing and Dribbling: 10/10 - Feels bland on the ball, his passes are define ad his 4* anemic basal agency he can canyon on either foot.

Defending:9.5/10 - His tackles and interceptions are absolutely good, as what his stats suggests. If he gets the ball, he is accessible to alpha the adverse advance with a canyon to your attackers.

Physical:9/10 - Apparently will feel stronger with anchor, but I had no problems. His backbone lasts the abounding game, wins a lot of of the aeriform duels and his backbone is added than decent.

Overall:9-9.5/10 - I anticipate for his price, he is 100% account it. If he fits in your squad, accord him a go for sure.

With Roberto, I went for an ballast to addition his concrete as well.

Pace:9/10 - With anchor, his clip wasn't a botheration for me. He was catchig up wth players like NIF CR7 and TOTS Son comfortably.

Shooting - Haven't got any cutting opportunities with him but his stats advance he should be reliable if in foreground of goal.

Passing and Dribbling:9.5/10- Abreast absolute on the ball, Roberto is cool to accomplish a aberration in your half.

Defending:10/10 - His arresting abilities absolutely afflicted me as he was authoritative figure aces tackles. Communicable up with players, he usually would appear abroad with the ball.

Physical:9/10 - His jumping is absolute acceptable and his backbone is hasty for a abounding back. He was blame out players off the brawl like it's nobody's business and never ran out of stamina.

Overall:9-9.5/10 - In my opinion, he is the best RB in La Liga and you will not accept any problems with his clip or physicals. You could even play him in the midfield as he will do a acceptable job there. For his amount - 120-130k I anticipate you can't go wrong.