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FIFA - TOTS Backpack Weight

Everyone is claiming backpack weight accept to accept been bargain for Premier Alliance TOTS, but I disagree. I apperceive a lot of humans will be determined that I am amiss about this, but apprehend me out FIFA 18 Coins.

Consider that endure year there were 14 Prem TOTS cards rated 88 or lower - there are none this year:

Last years' TOTS

This years' TOTS

Given new promotions (Scream, FUT Birthday), POTM cards, appropriate SBCs (Futmas, Bday), and that the top rated players performed better, this year was apprenticed to accept college ratings.

So Prem TOTS bead bulk from endure year is a bad indicator, because the ratings were lower. Endure year was added in band with the Community Gold set from endure anniversary (which wasn't harder to backpack in allegory to this week).

I've opened a A LOT of packs over the endure two years, and I can acquaint you that packing 89+ cards doesn't appear absolute frequently. You can accessible 50k FIFA credibility and you're advantageous to get one. How abounding of us accept arranged Pogba or Reus this accomplished year? Answer: not abounding - and they're 88 rated.

So did you absolutely anticipate you were traveling to backpack 3x 89+ TOTS players (let abandoned 1 or 2)? I apperceive it sucks, and I'm not adage "don't be disappointed" or annihilation like that...I'm just saying...Rare cards are Rare. Even if you accept 20x 100k packs saved, affairs of accepting these TOTS aren't that great.

TLDR - it's harder to backpack 89+ rated cards, even if you accept 50 adored packs.

I've opened about 50 packs this weekend that independent about 300-350 attenuate players in absolute and the best I got were Handanovic, IF Naughton, K. Navas and 5x 84's. Aswell did 4x 84+ TOTW's and got 84 rated IF Bernard Silva twice, 85 Hernandez and 86 William Carvalho.

It doesn't prove anything, but anecdotally this does accept about consistently worse than average. 300-350 attenuate players (I didn't calculation the exact amount, but absorb a bit of time rounding up the adored packs I had) and six were 84 or over.

That is awfully bad.