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Mar-08-2018 Categories: news

Just for the purpose of this post, I ambition to agenda that I don't absolutely apperception the game, but like all of us, do get pissed off FIFA 18 Coins with abounding aspects of the game. For example...

I play UT online individual bout to get abroad from the, what I call, hardcore players with batty teams, which usually works. But I kid you not, the endure 5 teams acquire all been abounding icon/team of the year hybrids annual coinsions of FUT coins/thousands of complete action money, area Kane and Kante breach me a new one anniversary time. It's like there isn't a appropriate algorithm in the bold to set up matchmaking with an adversary of agnate accomplishment or agnate aggregation level.

I'm a new dad who tries to clasp in a bold actuality and there, so it's a little arresting to appear beyond the aforementioned antic players who do not accord me an inch. Anyone accumulate advancing beyond these players and feel already busted if they see the line-up?

Honestly a lot of of the time i see/hear humans arena the game, there the ones that beat themselves, accepting abrogating and accepting like "omg attending at that 10 mil aggregation i acquire no chance," or "omg i hit the column 2 times should be acceptable 2-1", or "wtf bad about-face this bold sucks i didn't about-face to him" and they go on tilt, and from there on out, there not arena the aforementioned bold as if they were calm and 100% collective,

I'm not adage you are this, I'm just saying, If you play YOUR own game, you can beat anybody with any team. A lot of of the time i see abounding figure teams or toty teams, there not abundant players, there bad players, which is why they spent all that $, if your acceptable 90% of the time, why would you absorb complete $ if your basal aggregation does it for you.

Most of the time i see basal bargain teams with aggressive and jesus and son, im added afraid about that, because affairs are its just a dude who plays fifa every year, for the anesthetized 14 years, who hasn't played abundant this year, and is application the best bargain players.

Its acutely simple to get coins in this bold compared to added fifa's, i started arena this bold nov 28th, spent 25$ in packs, my aggregation is annual 7.1 mil, i got 1 mil coins, and 950k in investments, I plan the market, wayyy to much, at work, etc.

Got some acceptable pulls not gonna lie arranged 90 rijkard :D but still to the point. Arena 6 amateur of leg SB gives you 12k and 3 packs. Basal 18 wins in WL gives you addition 35k additional packs, you see a MM and advertise the added players, bang addition 20k.

Weekly/daily challenges with accidental bronze's actuality and there and thats like 10k a week. In fifa 14 gold attenuate affairs were 500 coins.

I dont play as abundant as i wish FUT Coins, i acquire a abounding time job, and absorb all day sat and a lot of of the day sunday with my girlfriend. i plan mon thru friday.