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FIFA - The end of FIFA 17 EA appear SBCs

How air-conditioned would it be if at the end of FIFA 17 EA appear SBCs that affirmed you packs for the alpha of FIFA 18. Of beforehand the rewards would be in fact small, like an untradeable 7.5k backpack for an 84 rated band or something like that FIFA 17 Coins.

But wouldn't you pay annihilation in FIFA 17 for even the aboriginal accolade in FIFA 18? You are not application that club anymore in a brace of months. It would aswell account EA as this would animate added humans to buy FIFA 18.

Acquaint me your opinions!

Maybe alone for untradeable packs. if the packs were tradeable humans who currently accept a lot of bill would be at a aloft advantage next fifa.

But still, starting with some added untradeable players to body your aboriginal aggregation about would be great.

Maybe even authoritative a ambit of one time SBCs, to anticipate affluent humans would not accept air-conditioned ample teams.

I like the abstraction a lot. Would be abundant for humans to get something for amphitheatre 17 traveling into 18, rather than the 'welcome back' dogshit pack.

Even an untradeable 2 amateur backpack would be accessible for the alpha of the bold if players like Remy are about 12k.

I anticipate the acceptable backs packs are a abundant abstraction too, as they "force" you to accumulate affairs the bold every year or abroad you lose the bonus.

But with the SBCs I mentioned they would aswell accolade the players for in actuality spending hours amphitheatre the game, not just affairs the bold for X afterwards years.

Of beforehand the rewards would accept to be in fact babyish and untradeable to not accord you a big advantage over new players.