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Jul-06-2018 Categories: news

I was so aflame for the World Cup and to body a World Cup Ultimate Team with all the players I watch anniversary day.

The aboriginal few canicule were great. No alteration bazaar so I was cutting to get some bigger players and experimenting with new players. I was cerebration strategically as to which players I should barter in and which ones to accumulate because of the looming upgrades afterwards anniversary bout day. A lot of chiefly the bold approach captured the abracadabra of the World Cup.

Flash advanced a few canicule and every Team is about an Figure Team that can account from any bend and breeze accomplished the best defenders in the game. There is no point in captivation players for upgrades because EA is giving a brace players 1-2 point upgrades.

No appropriate cards or activating appraisement increases, nothing. To top it all off it appears that they are creating new cards and SBCs for approved UT that are World Cup themed. Honestly, what is the point of the World Cup Ultimate Team. It has in fact absent all of the abracadabra it had the aboriginal few canicule and EA has apparent that they are not traveling to do annihilation to accumulate it fresh.

I apperceive it was a chargeless accession to the bold but it just seems like such a absent befalling as the bold is ambagious down. Anyways, I will just watch the World Cup and overlook about booting up FIFA to play forth with the tournament.

I feel like so abundant of this could be “fixed” at atomic somewhat accepting abstracted tourneys aswell accessible for anniversary abstemious (and even with/without icons).

You wish to use an all Africa team? Cool, you adeptness still hit anyone who's got Sane, Salah, etc and all the top rated players from that region, but you can at atomic yield an 80 rated band of your own and compete.

It's not in fact mis administration from EA's point of view. It formed perfectly! Get humans absorbed to absorb coins on appropriate backpack weights. Introduce repeatable figure sbc, association advertise any absolute tradable's to accessible added WC packs to do said sbc.

Release nice agleam cards on accustomed fut to get humans to accessible added packs, carelessness WC as it's served its purpose! Thankfully humans aren't bitter by the looks of FIFA 18 Coins things.