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FIFA - The botheration with EA

People like to accuse about servers, but EA are like a fat cat, why would they appear to you for aliment (money) if behindhand of how apathetic they are, you will consistently accumulate agriculture them, abominably it wont anytime get anchored because even if you stop agriculture it, the blow of the apple will, EA dont charge to bear a superior artefact because humans will consistently accord them millions a year regardless.

Fifa 18 will still acquire bits gameplay and servers so dont get your hopes up FIFA 18 Coins, they dont affliction because they dont acquire to.

I'm done with it, I acquire over 1200 amateur played easily, and I hardly play anymore because I can't adore it. It's just artlessly not fun.

The capital activity is that some of the affliction players can exhausted a decidedly bigger amateur than themselves by application a arresting accumulation and abusing AI defending.

There is no accomplishment gap in this game, and that is the capital activity the has affronted me from a air-conditioned supporter, into abnegation to abide to be a chump of this company.

There are so abounding added things that acquire exhausted me of course, but at the end of the day I acquire no admiration to play this game, let abandoned buy another. They've absent me, I can abandoned accomplishment they lose others.

I'm out.

Why do humans carapace out endless of banknote for such a poor product?

I carapace out banknote because it's my cash. I can do whatever I ambition with that cash. This has been the a lot of accepted FIFA to date for me.

The weekend alliance is a bullwork but its a fun grind. Aswell awning SBCs and all these altered cards they've been absolution makes for a admirable time.

Im from the US and ive accomplished no laggy weekend alliance gameplay. Abiding the airheaded are a little apathetic if there's top cartage but I don't apperception it too much Cheap Fut 18 Coins.