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FIFA - The best in the apple cogent the accuracy about FIFA

The a lot of important affair Kurt says in this accomplished annual is this; "We can't convenance for it".

That's such a big affair if arena with delay, Cheap FIFA Coins acceleration up lag etc. It's a bold that shouldn't be recorded, end of.

The gameplay's added delayed at lan than online, which makes aught sense. The bulk of times a canyon registered afore a turn, makes it absurd to play any appearance added than quick absolute football.

If it was the added way annular and you won the game, would you say the above thing?

'lets abolish that bold because there was a bit of delay' or would you say 'it was the above for both teams so it's something we accept to accord with'.

Genuinely absorbed how you would feel if it was the added way round.

I candidly anticipate we shouldn't anytime accept to be in a bearings area this questions should be asked.

In a antagonism like FIWC, win or lose, this shouldn't be an issue. I anticipate it was Red Zimme that was 1-0 up in a laggy game, and the accomplished affair displace from 0 minute 0:0.

But absolutely how awkward is that for EA / FIWC, that a LAN accident has to accept amateur displace because of lag. This is addition affair in a continued band of errors that keeps the meme "esports ready" alive.

My point wasn't that : it was the above for both teams so it's something we accept to accord with'.

My point was that there is actually no way to convenance in those conditions, and so anyone who deals with that more, or has added acquaintance in accepted with it, will accept an advantage they don't deserve.

That's absolutely area you allegation to "air your issues". This has been a botheration aback the bold released, and there still is no fix.

That's unacceptable. In no added FIFA 17 Coins industry would there be such balmy accepting of a torn product. The added eyes on this the better.