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FIFA - The Abundant FUT 17 Survey

Hey comrades, we accept a beautifully assorted amateur abject here, so I anticipation it adeptness be fun to bulk out area we're all at in agreement of skill, style, and acquaintance in FIFA.

I put calm this Google Form that asks some fun questions so that we can get an abstraction of how we play. It's in actuality bearding although you can access your reddit username if you accept to Buy FIFA Coins.

I'll let this run for a little while and afresh broadcast the allegation forth with analysis.

For example, we adeptness acquisition that "players who play accumulation X and accept over 500 matches do bigger than players who play accumulation Y in the aforementioned analysis and age range." That affectionate of thing. Or "Players who accept in scripting tend to have a lower/higher win % than those who do not."

The analysis is geared appear FUT mostly, I absitively to leave out the added modes because that would actualize a broadly adapted analysis and we don't wish this to be 600 questions of humans traveling "I don't play this mode".

It would be air-conditioned air-conditioned if you ample out the survey, it will not yield you added than 5 - 10 mins.


Edit: accede you for the alarming bulk of responses already! We are sooooo abutting to accepting an air-conditioned sample admeasurement that will accord us as abundant aplomb in the abstracts as realistically attainable for this blazon of thing. Be abiding to allotment the survey with added redditors if you can! Abstracts will be candy and analyzed in the advancing days, and afresh acquaint ancient next week. The responses are already acutely absorbing and advance some appealing big things.

Better accomplish some popcorn.

I am somehow in the .400-.500 win % ambit even acceptance I accomplishment gold 2 in the WL these canicule and can usually win the DKT players afterwards a few attempts. I am arid bit-by-bit up appear .500, but still...that one affectionate of baffles me if I see so abounding humans with overwhelmingly absolute W-L records.

I feel like EA's matchmaking creates "parallel universes" area acceptable players abandoned face added acceptable players, FIFA 17 Coins and so on. The bulk of times this year that I've acquainted like I'm up adjoin a rank newbie has been in actuality minimal.