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FIFA - That was arise in FIFA 17

The camera is on Michał Pazdan and his FUT agenda is apparent beneath him with a "Michał Pazdan is in the FUT Aggregation of the Season" subtitle. How is this altered from the accepted FUT cards we see?

This feels like the time I anticipation the SBC's on FUTBIN were ashamed because they had altered ratings in the accompaniment FUT Coins app and I could not submit.

Then afterwards googling I realised it was a bug the accompaniment app had and I'm an idiot for afresh affairs academy rated players to accomplish up for it.

YEA I FEEL LIKE I'M AN IDIOT AGAIN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON!This is a complete activity bout in the Polish league. Not a FIFA match.

This is a complete agenda that was arise in FIFA 17...I'm still not abiding what are you allurement about, but I achievement one of the aloft answers your question.

Because its a complete activity soccer adventurous and they are bringing up FUT cards to allocution about complete activity players. Its just interesting.

His agenda in actuality plays able-bodied too in game. I accept a able hotlink with him and the argent LB for next weekends weekend league.

It's funny for once, but I don't anticipate a adventurous should accept this abundant aftereffect in complete football. They can advertise, and this allegedly is a advertisement, but I wouldn't like to see this added generally and at big games.

We had something agnate in the Bundesliga this weekend.

The bout 1. Fc Köln adjoin Leverkusen.

Modeste and bittencourts acquaint cards from the accepted totw were apparent at the larboard ancillary of the FIFA 17 Coins screen.