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Aug-09-2018 Categories: news

Serie A has consistently been the best alliance for superior on a budget, but in FIFA 19, it's traveling to be insane.

Let me just run you through some of the positions:

ST: CR7, Icardi, Higuain, Immobile, Belotti.

CF/CAM: Dybala, Mertens, Gomez.

CM: Nainggolan, Savic, Pjanic, Hamsik, Marchisio, Bonaventure Parolo, Can.

LW: Insigne, Perisic, Costa(?), Balde Diao.

RW: Costa(?), Callejon, Cuadrado, Suso.

CDM: Matuidi, Allan, Khedira, De Rossi LB: Sandro, Ghoulam, Kolarov, Rodriguez.

RB: Florenzi, Cancelo, Vrsalko.

CB: Chiellini, Bonucci, Benatia, Miranda, Koulibaly, Manolas, Koulibaly, Skriniar, De Vrij.

GK: Handanovic, Perrin, Donnarumma.

Ligue 1 usually gets some abundant bargain TOTS but is ambiguous for a lot of of the year. La Liga is accepting bigger in agreement of depth, with players like Umtiti, Varane and Saul to get some big upgrades in mid-range areas and new players like Malcom, Vidal will be acceptable too.

Bundesliga will still accept its OP triangles (Goretzka, Alaba, Boateng) and cards like Coman and Bailey will be fun, but not a lot of depth. The PL is great, but actively overpriced. In my opinion, it's consistently lacked in midfield, as players like Kante and Pogba are consistently so expensive, but maybe players like Fabinho and Fred will akin that out.

At the end of the day, Serie A is the best. If you like accepting a simple band and advance it for the aboriginal few months, this is the way to go. You accept abundant bargain OP cards but can actively body up to a abundant aggregation with CR7 himself.

More humans use pl so it seems like you get exhausted by pl squads added often. Also, PL is in actuality the a lot of concrete of the top leagues in the world, acceptation players from this alliance will tend to accept college concrete stats. College concrete stats in fifa equals a added 'OP' feel.

Take Jordan Lukaku from Serie A this season. The man is a concrete beast, and assumption what...he concluded up accepting air-conditioned op. If he had been in the PL, all the PL haters wouldve been arrant their asses off. Instead he was in the serie a and cipher anticipation abundant about it. Am I wrong? Theres affluence examples from altered leagues (lukaku, goretzka *the freaking beasliest and fastest amateur at the alpha of the game, telles, etc..)

La liga is a baby adeptness (people) alliance and physically not there but actual technical. Serie a is abundant slower but appealing concrete (shows in the stats), Bundesliga is acutely top heavy, etc..

There is a acumen PL players tend to plan the best, FIFA 19 Coins and it is not absolutely EA's fault. Bigger and stronger will about consistently be an advantage in any bold you play. Also, EAids is abominable and works for any team, not just PL lol.