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FIFA - Ronaldo in his prime

What do you beggarly 'Real' Ronaldo? I'm a Spurs fan, but in fact Cr7 has surpassed R9 by now, no? If that's your assessment afresh you've apparently never watched him play in his prime.

Ronaldo in his prime is BY FAR one of the best players of all time if not THE best player. His activity accumulated with accomplishment and FIFA 17 Coins backbone were unbelievable.

When he came aback too aboriginal from his aboriginal knee abrasion and re-injured it afterwards a brace of annual adjoin Lazio is one of the saddest things I've watched in football. CR7 is boilerplate abutting to him in my opinion.

Yes R9 prime was fantastic. I acclimated to accede him the GOAT if I was younger. It's a abashment his career was bankrupt by his disability to breach fit.

But CR7 is on accession level. You aswell accept to yield into annual how able-bodied Cristiano has taken affliction of his body, and how continued he's been at the top.

Also, Cr7's best division had 60 or 61 goals (as an advancing winger), while R9's was 47, as a #9. Obviously it's a debate, but Cr7, imo, has in fact surpassed R9, and has anchored his abode amidst the 5 greatest footballers of all time, forth with the brand of Messi, Zizou, etc.

I don't apperceive why you are accepting downvoted, el fenomeno is the a lot of able amateur I accept anytime apparent afterwards Maradona, had he backward advantageous he would've been the best amateur ever, he won amateur of the year age-old 21, youngest amateur to anytime win it, he was fast and Able like Cristiano, he could distill like Messi and had ability like Ronaldinho, could shoot with both anxiety and was just unplayable in his prime, Cristiano is my admired amateur but no one can analyze to R9 in my opinion.

Obviously some butthurt loverboys and humans who never apparent him play but whatever. Acknowledgment for FUT Coins accordant with me admitting! At atomic I'm not the alone one who remembers.