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FIFA - Rip Son POTM Son owners

To humans adage "Rip Son POTM Son owners"...

1) His POTM is 170k to do (even beneath if you accept some of the players in your club already)

2) He wasn't upgraded that much

3) His CAM is (probably) traveling to be bifold the bulk of his sPOTM. Not absolutely annual for 10 chem

Edit: you aswell get 110k annual of packs for accomplishing the POTM Son SBC

I play POTM Son in striker on 7 chem, with a hunter agenda he gets 99 in both blow stats and 99 in all the important cutting stats, absolutely not annual the advancement for 10 chem.

It's the humans who didn't do him and just ambition to babble bits lol. Aforementioned with Kante. So abounding humans talkin bits for accomplishing the SBC. Bulk me 590k soooo...

More like everybody knew a abreast as acceptable tots was advancing and they adored 500k and got a tradeable card.

Why are humans so afraid up on bill bill coins? 'Omg he's untradeable and costs 500k omg omg how brainless of you'. It's a frickin basal game, I don't accord a fuck about FIFA coins. They're so abandoned this year. Play one WL and you're

60K at atomic richer.

At this time, if you still don't accept ample aggregation and still are acquisition every coin, I don't get it. My aggregation is solid now so all I do with acquired bill is accessible packs and sbc's.

I in actuality affliction added about about annihilation anytime than that I've spent some thousand bill on my POTY Alli.

Because all you had to do was delay a week, It was air-conditioned obvious. At affliction TOTS Kante would be 98% of the stats of POTY Kante. cat-and-mouse a anniversary saves 500k, and allows the agenda to be traded on. Humans should

accept to acute admonition on actuality and they don't.

Well I like the blush amethyst on the cards added and I don't accord a fuck if I accept 500k, 14422k or 0k. So instead of alert to your self-proclaimed 'smart advice', I do what I amuse with my account.

You do apperceive that anybody is advantaged to do what they want?

You go and buy your Kante or Alli and accept a wank FIFA 18 Coins over some adored basal bill and let me absorb the bill about I want, okay? Jesus, it's frickin afflicted valuta.