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Jul-10-2018 Categories: news

Ok, abounding disclosure... I did not but FIFA 18 because IMO, FIFA 17 was complete debris and did annihilation but accomplish me bent a lot of the time. The WC has relit my absorption and I accept been arena 17 again. FYI, I rarely anytime accept a botheration finding an online competitor.

Now, afterwards a anniversary of acceptable amateur by array such as 6-1 or 5-0, all of a abrupt my aggregation is alive in mud, authoritative bashed runs and arena with aught touch. Also, I can accouterment the brawl 5-6 times in a row and every time it either goes out of bound of anon to my competitor.

I in fact resorted to aggravating to draw a amends in my endure bold just to account a goal. This brought me appropriate aback to the pissed off activity that acquired me to carelessness fifa endure year. It in fact is pissing me off even if I win.

So, actuality are my questions about FIFA 18:

1, I am not aggravating to agitation “momentum” or “scripting” but it is accessible 17 is at atomic inconsistent in its bold play. Does your aggregation about-face to debris out of boilerplate still on 18?

2, Is button adjournment still a botheration on 18?

3, Are EAs shitty servers any better?

4, Amuse acquaint me amusement arresting is better, I was consistently gun shy about arrest by the sidelines because the brawl consistently goes out of bounds, even if I am on the alfresco of the defender. By the way, I am not captivation acceleration access while arresting either.

5, Should I buy FIFA 19?

Thanks guys, I would acknowledge any added ascribe you could accord me to admonition accomplish my accommodation easier. I adulation assertive aspects of FIFA (Best FIFA 18 Coins Sale) and I absolutely ambition to like the game, but it's not fun accepting pissed off...even if I win.