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FIFA - Put Agitator on him maybe

What was your adjustment with your 800K FIFA Coins. I accept 900K and im buy attenuate golds now little by little.

It's in actuality time consuming, try to abstract in off-hours a agglomeration of attenuate gold players from one alliance with a min 900/ max 950 buy now bulk (open bid if you ambition to save added but it's painful). Just buy 30 per session, and try to abstain duplicates.

Then do exceptional SBC / gold advancement (when you see 11 non rare)/silver advancement (when you alpha accepting a lot of argent duplicates). How is TOTS Falcao?

I'm obsessed. I've acclimated his 84 agenda for the majority of the year. My band is batty acknowledgment to these packs but Falcao is aggregate I've anytime capital in my striker.

I haven't played with him yet but if he is as acceptable with me as he is adjoin me, afresh I'm traveling to adulation that card!

I've acclimated him for a few amateur and he's in actuality disappointing, finishing is ok but he never gets in the appropriate position and he feels sluggish. Achievement he starts accepting better.

Put Agitator on him maybe. I noticed a huge bang in his dispatch afterwards that - he's still not the fastest, but at atomic it helps him breach abroad from defenders.

I put agitator on him for the endure brace of games, didn't apprehension much. I in actuality ambition to accomplish him plan though. Couldn't get him to plan as a striker, but I've played him at cam the endure brace of amateur and he's been a beast.

Spent about a actor Coins and didn't get Laca or Cavani. Got 16 of the players admitting (many duplicates).

Kind of ambition I chock-full at a assertive point and just acclimated the Coins to advice buy Griezmann but I accept some investments I achievement will pay off.

It's in actuality an addiction at some point, I should accept chock-full 20 packs earlier, but the acceptable affair is that now I'm clearly done with buying/selling players, I'm broke, and for the blow of FIFA, I'll just adore the teams

I have! Acceptable luck for Griezmann, he looks in actuality good!

It was actual addicting! I abandoned kept traveling because I kept accepting players I in actuality affectionate of capital to try out. I in actuality got Tolisso and Lemar in aback to aback packs and I was like "no endlessly til Laca!"

Which never happened.

I in actuality had to buy Carrasso because I didn't backpack either babysitter but I snagged a few appropriate afterwards rewards abandoned for 50k (ps4), afresh awash them for 80, kept one for myself.

I was aswell bankrupt until I awash off my TOTS EPL cards. I enjoyed them all but I affectionate of got apathetic with the EPL and the Ligue 1 aggregation is actual fun to use FIFA 17 Coins. If you can try out Boudebouz, I don't absence Eriksen as abundant because of him.