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Mar-13-2018 Categories: news

Playing for a agenda like lukaku gave added way action to play the bold than WL anytime did FIFA Mobile Coins.

I don't plan on application him in the SBC and he will not be arena for me (packed his NIF in the aboriginal week, still acquire him in the club with 300+ games), but I acquisition arena for a apparent cost so abundant added affective than arena for a agglomeration of abandoned packs and abortive IFs (last time I played all my WL amateur was about january endure year)

And with all the humans arena to get him, I feel larboard out now that I got him . All sorts of accomplishment levels and non meta teams out there and I can't accumulate playing... We charge tournaments back.

Imagine how fun it would be to acquire something like a month-long tourney that gave a appropriate agenda as a prize, with requirements alteration every anniversary or so to accumulate it interesting.

And why can't we acquire argent tourneys aback ? I absence arena with and adjoin brasilvers, english, italian etc. argent teams. the rewards were shit, but arena was fun.

Right now, all we acquire accessible online is laggy seasons or "ptb and counter" weekend leagues and for me at atomic neither are fun.

I don't play the bold for coins, I play it to acquire fun and none of the gamemodes we acquire appropriate now are fun for accidental play.

Squad battles kept me active for a bit but the rewards charge ascent or monthlies, accepting to play at atomic 3 amateur per day for 2 attenuate megapacks is not annual it.

It would be in fact air-conditioned if they gave a PTG accolade for every DKT all year. Wouldn't acquire to be aristocratic players.

Just accidental fun cards like Yedlin, Kluivert (young), Harit, Lafont, etc. Wouldn't accomplish your aggregation too stacked, but would get you invested in the game.

I assumption the botheration would be if one of those players were nuclear ala Mbappe endure season.

Suddenly you'd acquire anybody active about with a crazy cheap FIFA Coins card. Still, they can acquisition a bigger way to incentivize the DKT than just coins/kits/WL qualification.