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Feb-16-2017 Categories: news

OTW Aigrette gets 98 backbone with a Architect card...And anybody died.... Anyone acquaint this earlier... just played 3 amateur with Aigrette and he was advance Smalling around... yes.... smalling...

His agenda is in actuality broken... with 98 clip you dont charge to advancement the pace.. i repeat... Aigrette has 98 backbone with an Architect card.

The accident in cutting is too abundant for me to yield the Architect. Just additional 5 added in backbone than finisher, and afresh you are waiving all of the cutting advantages.

I am abandoned traveling to go with Marksman, while it shows beneath for cutting than finisher, I abandoned like marksman's cutting administration added than finisher. It aswell increases his dribbling (makes him even faster) and gets him up to 88 strength. Haven't acclimated him yet though, so we will see.

Yup, I 100% accede with your chemstyle. Finisher is a shitty chemstyle as it leaves accession bright and hardly boosts finishing (good job name chemstyles EA). Marksman looks absurd on him, 98 clip with 99 agility... 92 shooting??... fucking 88 strength... I'm at plan and ambition annihilation added than to play with this card.x3 for Marks, just did 7 matches in div 2, won them all, the guy is nuts, denticulate 10 goals with a brace of 20mins ragequits.

Pace he's acutely abundant but the dribbling and cutting afraid me really, aswell absent a few affairs and banged 2 headers.

He fabricated me about-face aback to a x-x-3 and ability even play the WL with FIFA 17 Coins.