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Apr-12-2018 Categories: news

I use OTW Batshuayi in a 4231 with ADP and Hagi abaft him and he excels in that role with FIFA Coins.

I'll be honest if I say that he was in actuality abhorrent in a 433 I was active afore that and it threw me off but I absitively to accumulate him as an investment and concluded up giving him a go if he got his 87 IF card.

At the alpha he wasn't accomplishing too able-bodied already afresh but afterwards giving him an engine and afterwards some time I've assuredly accepted how to use him appropriately and now he's been amazing for me.

He's a striker that is meant for body up play but can aswell run in behind, his one on one finishing is abominable but if he isn't sprinting in abaft he's deadly, so what I do is use him as a ambition man for creating amplitude for hagi, adp and werner to be able to yield a continued attempt or get a 3v3 situation.

Also opposing defences bead a lot if he's in the box which can advance to some defenders catastrophe up man appearance players 1v1 which is calmly accommodating if your striker is alpine and has a 4* WF.

I'd actually accord him a go if I were you but beware that he can't acclimate able-bodied to a specific system, he'll become the system.

Icardi sounds like your man, but I don't in actuality play that way so I don't know. Mandzukic did able-bodied for me in that affectionate of role aboriginal on. I accept 87 Immobile, he's acceptable but not as abundant as Mertens, who is the complete king.

If you accept a foreground with wingers your RF/RW will be the anemic atom - the best two players for that position are Scream Cuadrado and Felipe Anderson (unless you accept 500k for Dybala).

Some of the best players in Serie A are some of the cheapest now. Jordan Lukaku is a 77 larboard aback and is debatably bigger than 86 Sandro. You'll see if you use him. You can get 85 rated players for just a few thousand cheap FUT 18 Coins now.

My capital team:

88 Insigne, 87 Mertens, 83 Scream Cuadrado

87 Hamsik, 86 Nainggolan, 88 Pjanic

86 Alex Sandro, 88 Bonucci, 86 Miranda, 82 Florenzi

87 Handanovic

Any added questions shout, this is the aggregation I've been application and convalescent all year.