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Feb-13-2018 Categories: news

Firstly, I apperceive the bold is far from absolute and the accomplished point of this cilia isn't to point out its flaws & fixes ( there is affluence of posts on that ), but I'd like to apperceive what added content/feature would you like to see on FIFA 19?

What I would like to see added: 1. Accepting the Circadian Knockout Clash accessible to play any day of the anniversary and not just alfresco of FUT champs hours. If you win the DKT, you get a brand to use in a approaching weekend alliance at your choice.

You can abandoned authority 1 brand at a time.

1, Accomplish those EA credibility or FCC ( i'm not even abiding what they are called) accessible even afterwards you adeptness the 'maximum' archive level. I've about 750,000 abstract credibility because I've claimed everything. Would be nice to be able to barter those in for UT packs, abstract tokens, an added 1m alteration account in career approach ( basically a point sink, authoritative humans bullwork for those credibility at the alpha of a new FIFA).

2, Normal UT tournaments aback again.

3, Seek by blazon of appropriate card. Informs, heros, MOTM etc.

4, Seek by rating.

5, A warning/prompt if you are advertisement a top bulk amateur assimilate the bazaar to advice adjoin the D-pad lag. Basically 2 footfall advertisement top bulk players.

6, If you bang my club and seek for players, it remembers the endure ethics of anniversary category, if it was changed. This is bald for the Web App too. Drives me insane.

7, Monthly rewards for Band battles.

8, This is apparently a aberrant one, added fifa point affairs options amid 4,600 & 12,000 . How there isn't an 8,000 or 10,000 advantage is above me.

I apperceive I didn't in fact acknowledgment added Fifa bold modes, tbh I abandoned accept played some allotment of the adventure and cheap FIFA 18 Coins almost affected on career mode. But I'd like to apprehend your suggestions.