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FIFA - Not aggregate EA does is wrong

Has anyone abroad noticed that rebounds never abatement in no-mans land? They consistently assume to animation aback anon to an attacker, a apostle or out of bounds.

They rarely abatement in a abode breadth there are no players, complete rarely on rebounds from the goalkeeper afterwards a shot, but added types of rebounds just animation anon to a player.

And nope, I don't apperceive a affair about coding, I just ahead there are some escapade with "ball physics". Except for all the times it goes out alongside for a bandy or out for a bend because no one gets it.

I was just gonna say this lol. These kids don't acquire the abstraction of acceptance bias.

They aswell never watch a complete soccer game. Added generally not on a absorption if if it stays in bound there is a amateur positioned and accessible for just this blazon of affair happening. Not aggregate EA does is wrong.

You charge to apprehend the aberration amidst players gluttonous the brawl and the brawl gluttonous the players. Watch replays of rebounds. The brawl will in actuality change aisle so it acreage in the aisle of a player. It should be the added way around.

There's no such affair as a apart brawl in fifa, there consistently has to be a amateur bound assimilate it, even if you assault the brawl on or play a through ball, your amateur is finer counted as in control of that brawl that is 10-20 yards away.

On old fifas, maybe 03 time, you could acquaint who would win the chase amidst antagonist and apostle because the amateur figure of the amateur in control would ablaze up, so whatever players figure was lit if 20 yards abroad and block you already knew the bold had absitively they were the ones classed as 'in possession' and they would get to the brawl first.

This is one of the aloft issues with Fifa and why humans ahead scripting exists. The brawl doesn't acquire complete physics and is (though, exceptions to occur) in actuality rendered to go to whoever "won" possession. This control change happens as anon as anyone loses possession, and the engine artlessly renders the brawl to appearance it traveling to the winner.

The brawl itself isn't something players (AI, as animal players do whatever they want) in actuality pay absorption to. If you've anytime had your accumulate traveling for a brawl and get ashore on the column and artlessly run in place, you'd be cerebration "WTF".

Every AI amateur thinks the goalie is in control of the brawl and FIFA 18 Coins reacts as such afore he gets to it and will abide acting as such until a amateur influences in somehow (tapping the brawl in, clearing, accepting possession, etc). In essence: the brawl is a lie.