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Feb-02-2017 Categories: news

My god I wish that son agenda so bad, he's my admired player. Too bad I alone accept 5k atm lmao.This is able-bodied over 800k though, and that is with sniping Son.

If you are spending that abundant and FIFA 18 Coins on your foreground 3 it will be abundant no bulk what. Also, you will be acid in on Walcott's anemic foot.

Not abiding why humans are continuing with the "delete now" meme if it is absolutely expensive, if you are spending that abundant of advance you will apperceive about these guys. Not some hidden 79 amateur with 95+ pace.

But he's gonna be in packs for like a week, absolutely his bulk will go down?

832k for that foreground three. Apparently traveling to be added if they accession the bulk ambit of Son.

I acclimated to accept this exact squad, with Dybala, SIF Salah, IF Nain and IF Florenzi. It was fine, but already I put some lower rated players in there (like Allan and Cuadrado) it seemed to lighten the load.

Not abiding why, but every time I accept a ample aggregation from top to basal my players become sluggish, they run into anniversary other, they consistently hit the post, my opponent's babysitter becomes god and it's just a lot added

plan than it's worth.

Again, no abstraction why. But it happens every time I advancement too much.

No admiration all the 91 ST hazard are al of a sudden out in the bazaar at low price.

Even thou it will become a 92 ST with Cheap FIFA Coins winter advancement but lets buy Son at max bin!