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May-22-2017 Categories: news

My approach is that EA accept bent advanced how abounding TOTS there will be arranged of anniversary agenda so if anybody opens their adored packs at the aforementioned time you'll accept a bottom adventitious to backpack them.

Sounds feasible of FIFA 18 Coins. Afresh afresh with the backpack luck I've had this weekend it feels like the backpack weights are down with all the cards, not just tots.

I've opened packs that independent about 300-350 attenuate players in absolute and the best I got were Handanovic, IF Naughton, K. Navas and 5x 84's. Aswell did 3x 84+ TOTW's and got 84 rated IF Bernard Silva alert and 86 William Carvalho.

I've opened a scattering of packs and am already absolutely happy, no tots yet, but I got 4 totw pulls (none amazing though) and some appropriate 84's including carrasco twice.

I've got annihilation in 70 packs. I'm not even assured a tots. Highest agenda I've gotten is an 83.

I opened about 20 packs I'd saved, afresh I bought an added $150 annual of FIFA points. Aught TOTS. I got one abandon TOTW. Some CB in Bundesliga.

I didn't save any packs. I did the SBC for the attenuate EPL players backpack bygone and on my absolute aboriginal backpack I got TOTS Walker and TOTW Kyle Naughton.

I chock-full afterwards that because there is no way I'll get annihilation better. I aswell hadn't played or bought a backpack in about a month.

It accept to accept been EA's way of adage "psssst we absence you, play more, absorb money, attending at all the aliment you'll get".

Lol this proves it for me. My associate was traveling harder on FIFA until about 3 months ago if he got a job out of accompaniment and didn't accompany his Xbox.

Comes home 2 canicule ago and had his packs from the endure weekend alliance he payed cat-and-mouse on him. Aboriginal backpack attenuate mega pack...Ronaldo. I WAS PISSED.