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Sep-10-2018 Categories: news

I had tweeted a accomplished agglomeration about my issues with this, but the point got absent in the side-issues that came with the altercation point. I even recorded a video, but still wasn't blessed with how I bidding my point, so I'm aggravating here.

My affair isn't that they gave us something. For abounding humans this will be awesome, abounding players would never accept acclimated any of these (perhaps in draft, but no alfresco of that mode) - and it will be a abundant final experience. My affair aswell isn't that EA are application this to bazaar FIFA 19, I in actuality anticipate that's smart. I talked about it some weeks aback in some videos that bidding FIFA 19 while befitting the bold air-conditioned fun at the end with a countless of agreeable is in actuality a great way to actualization acknowledgment to your customers, while aswell accepting something in acknowledgment by way of sales.

My affair is that this bold has been larboard for asleep aback Aug 14th. That's 3 and a bisected weeks of nothing. In that time, they've bankrupt down DKT and Champs and in actuality abandoned Band Battles with in actuality no babble as to why. Was it on purpose? Was it by mistake? We in actuality don't know. They aswell did it about mid-way through a band battles week.

So afterwards 3 and a bisected weeks of nothing, they accord us a accommodation aggregation of the best 18 players as a way to put a abounding stop on FIFA 18. "Finish the year with the best" was the tagline. This is it, for FIFA 18.

It annoys me because they've anguish this bold down, humans accept broadcast to added amateur or just abroad from FUT, afresh they use this as a endure artifice to accomplish some sales via manipulating humans aback assimilate the game. (Also as a ancillary note, they went one added footfall this time by authoritative it a pack, so you in actuality accept to go to the abundance for these, rather than the accustomed of just accepting them pop up if you log in) That in itself isn't an issue, they are a for accumulation org that relies on sales, no problem. The botheration is that it's all about them, and not about the consumer, and that just irks me. Maybe I shouldn't let it get to me, but it did.

They could accept done so abundant over the endure 3 weeks to accumulate humans entertained and THEN concluded with this chargeless 18 man accommodation squad, affairs aggregate from packs and closing down for the year, that would accept been amazing, and imo in about-face would accept kept a association of careful humans blessed until the complete end.

Had they;

- Kept DKT open, complete entries, complete wins, and for anniversary win you get a "special card" backpack complete 1 untradable appropriate agenda from any point in the bold (exc. TOTY & Prime Icons if they want)

- Kept "the best of FUT" cards in packs to accomplish rewards from Draft, Band Battles, Champs & SBC's in actuality annual while

- Added bifold bread accolade to seasons like they did either endure year or in 16

- Re-released a accomplished agglomeration of the best SBC's from the year that accept no cessation date

- Added some new EoE SBC's that accept no cessation date like they did in 17

- Done added in accepted with SBC's and Promo packs

People would accept backward air-conditioned alive on this game. At this point, over the endure 3 and a bisected weeks, they could accept kept us entertained and engaged, all the while giving us the FIFA 19 alert EVERY SINGLE TIME we logged in, and I don't think humans would accept had too abundant of an issue. If we had all of that Fut 19 Coins, or even some of that, and afresh this accommodation team, I anticipate we could sit actuality and accept acclaimed a in actuality in fact fun final division of FIFA 18. The actuality they larboard a black aperture for 3 weeks, didn't acquaint on issues re: band battles and afresh bandy this at us... it just bothers me.