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FIFA - My adieu to FUT

news Jan-14-2017

FIFA - My adieu to FUT

My adieu to FUT (spending 1,200,000 FIFA Coins on 50K packs with all results).

Hi. So for the able few months I've been acumen that this bold is added arresting than fun and the alone time I play it is for pro clubs. I absitively to advertise my absolute aggregation and absorb it all on 50 K packs. I racked up 1.2 mil to spend. Actuality are my results:

Godín 88 WALKOUT

Oblak 87

Bojan 82

Martial 82

Turan 84

Bacca 84

Reina 84

Laporte 84

Terry 84

Fährmann 84

Toulalan 83

Layùn 81

De marcos 81

Matić 84

Julio cesar 83

Gomez 82

Coutois 89 WALKOUT

Monolas 84

Sagna 82

Filipe Luís 85

Mertens 83

Enyeama 83

Butland 82

Medel 83

Toprak 84

Felipe Luis 85

Aspas 86 INFORM

Hernandez 83 EDIT: just opened one 100K backpack by affairs all the players I packed. My best amateur was 84 rated Banega

If you were to absorb money on FIFA credibility to do the exact aforementioned affair I did, it would bulk you $260.

Am I sad that I didn't get any apple chic players? Yes. My ultimate dream that would've put my apperception to blow on this bold would be packing Ronaldo, or any dejected agenda for that matter.

Do I care? No. Anytime aback FIFA 15, I've spent too abundant money that I don't ambition to accord exact amounts of on the able three titles that I'm animated I can assuredly accept the abstemiousness to not buy accession FIFA game. It's sad it took this abundant to get there.

I achievement that this cilia will accord anyone out there that afflatus to not absorb any money on packs. I just blew 1.2 mil in 10 annual and didn't get anything.

Conclusion I achievement this cilia was educational and that you guys apprentice something from it. I accept to say I accept to acknowledge EA for assuming me that I do accept a charlatan ancillary to me; because now I'll bethink that in the absolute apple and anticipate added about my decisions with money.

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