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Jul-13-2018 Categories: news

Last anniversary I had my aboriginal anytime weekend alliance experience. It was appealing annoying as I didn't apprehend to get abandoned 2 wins out of my aboriginal 10 matches.

However, I managed to get 11 wins with 11 matches absolute (I didn't play the blow because I was annoyed with requalification and the awards I was accepting , aswell I play a lot of overwatch so yeah.)

This time around, even admitting teams were stronger and I about came up adjoin a 87 rated or beneath team, I acquainted like I did abundant bigger in agreement of bendability as I knew what to apprehend and accomplished to accord with it. This time I had : 14 wins with 13 matches left.

Again I did not bother with finishing all the matches because I was blessed with Argent 1 rewards and I was ailing and annoyed of arena added matches.( They actively allegation to abate win requirements for ranks and absolute no. of matches. )

Some matches were crazily annoying because no bulk what I did the added amateur consistently seemed to annual the RANDOMEST goals. Which brings me to my capital affair gameplay wise: Arresting A.I.

But I feel this abandoned happens every few amateur breadth my defenders (95 Thiago Silva and NIF David Luiz ) acquire in actuality abandoned to yield position and accrue up with opposing strikers. So I do achievement we get to see added abyss in arresting gameplay in FIFA 19.

My standout players were the following;

1, TOTS Suarez- absurd player, does appealing abundant aggregate and makes it simple for me even if I play bad.

2, SBC De Brunye- INSANE cutting from alfresco the box with both anxiety , INSANE accidental adeptness all-embracing amazing CM for me.

3, FOF Thiago Silva- Absurd aggression, wins a lot of battles , abundant headers and acceptable clip that makes him one of the best defenders in the bold IMO.

4, IF Paulinho- Got him so I can hotlink up with Suarez. At aboriginal I anticipation that spending 80+ k on this amateur was too abundant but his all annular adeptness fabricated him annual it for me as it's something capital for CMs in the bold I feel.

That's it, acknowledgment for FIFA 18 Coins annual and let me apperceive what affectionate of gameplay changes you guys ambition for!