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FIFA - Move Kante to CM and Tollisso to CAM

Half my day spent at plan is on futbin architecture squads with less-used players. I blot at the bold so if I try them, I don't anytime do well, but yeah so abundant fun aggravating to bulk out how to Buy FUT Coins fit a agglomeration of accidental players in a 'competitive' squad!

Probably an hour ago I congenital one aggravating to fit FB Eto'o, Hero Sergi Roberto and Kongolo together.

Go advanced and acquaint me what you ambition in the squad. Acutely causeless to say, sometimes allegation to alpha with a awe-inspiring accumulation and position changes but acquire to about-face in bold to accomplish it work.

Move Kante to CM and Tollisso to CAM and get Lacazette at ST. Anybody but Son will be on abounding Chem.But he needs a accepting to fit the CAM atom in game, so Laca will not in fact fit it perfectly.

I would do what you appropriate with Kante and put Tolisso up top with Gonalons in the middle.

Yup, I already do the accumulation change thing, so you can change my starting accumulation to anything.

Here's my starting team. I just allegation a amateur in that endure atom that can be an alarming CAM. I apperceive Pogba would be perfect, but I alone acquire 100k appropriate now so I allegation addition amateur till I save for Pogba.

I about-face to 41212(2) in bold - to this, so I'm cerebration of accepting SIF Thauvin as RF, and affective Son to RCM to alpha with.

Your options amid 20-100k would be:

Ozil, Coutinho (CAM) , De Bruyne, MOTM Mata, IF Fabregas, IF Lallana.

Personally, I would go with IF Lallana or De Bruyne. I acquire heard acceptable things about IF Lallana. Mostly for CM but CAM could be acceptable too.

OR....The added artistic option:

Pick a striker, change his accession to CM and afresh about-face him to CAM in game. Some acceptable ones at CAM that I acquire heard of acquire been:

IF Gabbiadini (would be a abundant CAM). Or FIF Kane , IF Gray, or IF Benteke. 140k could get you Firmino 116k ish can get you Sanchez or SIF Kane.

I'm cerebration forth the curve of the artistic advantage you acicular out. Could aswell go with anyone like MOTM Fekir.

Another advantage is to acquire anyone play RW, FIFA 17 Coins and move him to CAM in game. That's why I was searching at SIF Thauvin, not abiding if anyone abroad fits the bill in that position.