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Mar-13-2018 Categories: news

Used him as my larboard CM this WL and he's in fact banging it - Fut Coins 18.

First time accepting a left-footed CM as my LCM and can in fact feel the aberration with the accidental and shots, and there's not abundant adequate larboard footed CM in the game.

He feels a lot like Pogba and Milinkovic-Savic, both who are admired about here.

To analyze he calmly down exhausted Pogba in every aspect except for 5* SM and a bit of backbone and Milinkovic-Savic is a hardly added defensively capable.

I don't apperceive why admitting admitting accepting the behemothic that he is, he feels so active for his size.

Milinkovic is like a catchbasin but turns like one too, but with Talisca the brawl seems to stick with his bottom during abutting dribbling.

And his admeasurement just allows him to ability through people. Abnormally on defense, he got this "Bakayoko effect" area admitting accepting just 70 aegis he is able to snatch attackers due to his

continued reach.

And the best of all is his continued shots. Artlessly the best continued ballista I've had in FIFA and I'm not usually abundant with continued shots. On his larboard foot, those above the ambition continued

shots are a accepted sight.

I got a few candied Messi-like acumen shots too from the bend of the box due to his max ambit stats.

The abandoned downside is he is not as ascendant in the air as Milinkovic if up adjoin the brand of CR or Vieira.

He is 191cm admitting so adjoin a lot of midfielders you can still aim the ambition bang at him and he'll win it. And I ambition he is H/H so he can feel like he's everywhere.

And the accessible one is his league, FIFA Coins but at this date with icons and his Brazil allegiance it is not abundant of a big issue.

He is at a absolute adequate bulk at about ~120k on PS4 so I would in fact accord it a shot.