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Apr-15-2018 Categories: news

This agenda was freaking awesome! Whenever I would canyon this agenda on the market, I would just acquire that he was just an boilerplate striker to buy FIFA Coins.

Nothing in fact bent my eye on his abject card, but afresh I saw the in-game stats of his 85 rated TOTGS card. Just attending at some of these stats:

91 Accession 89 Finishing 99 Agility 87 Brawl Ascendancy 89 Heading.

This guy is not your boilerplate striker, and I begin that to be authentic absolute quickly. He's acutely versatile, and he maneuvered into accomplished accession on endless numbers of attacks. You in fact feel how animate he is with his dribbling.

His brawl rolls abnormally acquainted so brittle and fluent. He was aswell absolutely reliable in foreground of the goal, scoring 8 in 10 online matches.

Germain even dished out 10 assists with his 85 abbreviate passing. His accidental was candidly absolute impressive. I would accede application him at the CAM position if I kept arena with him.

Now I acquire to say that he is not perfect, although IAmFrench may disagree. Although it was seldom, I did feel him accepting pushed off the brawl almost easily.

Sometimes if I would do drag-backs he would get bumped and in fact accord up possession. His clip was appropriate afterwards I activated a Hawk allure style, but he apparently could've done some added accident with a Hunter agenda applied.

Verdict: I can't accent how fun he was to use, and for abandoned 19k! I awful recommended him to anybody with a Ligue 1 side. He's a poacher in foreground of goal, and feels so animate affective up the pitch. Despite his bashful acceleration and strength, he acquired some defenses a abundant accord of trouble.

Valere Germain: 9.0

He has abundant amount for his low cost! Acquire you acclimated him? Do you plan on giving him a try! Let me apperceive down beneath what you guys think! I acquire in fact accepted the acknowledgment recently.

This appropriate now, is one of the a lot of agreeable time for me on FIFA because I try out the bargain fun cards while accumulate my coins liquid.

CBA if my 35k striker loses a brace of K in the bazaar crash, but I'll be pissed off if my 300K IF loses a 50K just afore TOTS.

I admired MOTM Germain, he is in my fun French band and he array and makes play with gay abandon.

I use him as a CAM with Deadeye. He gets 99 Positioning, 99 Shooting, 99 Abbreviate Pass, 95 Finishing and 93 Curve, and that is baleful for a 20k dude.

I acquire approved him in DKTs and Div 2 and he's gotten me 9G4A in 6 amateur and won me a DKT. Appealing beginning feel to him.

Get him, play with him, advertise him. Acquire some fun with FUT (cheap Fut 18 Coins).