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Feb-10-2018 Categories: news

I don't see why anybody is mad over this XBOX home button thing of cheap FIFA Mobile Coins... Because now I can just acerbity abdicate afterwards pausing every time I fucking lose in the DKT.

I anticipate the humans that are mad at it are the ones that columnist that button every 5 abnormal to forward abhorrent letters to their opponents in-game.

Or I'm acclimated to beat it to bound analysis the time. Or to almanac a clip. Or yield a screenshot. Or allure that acquaintance that's just appear online to affair chat. Or to acquire affair invites from friends.

Or to acclimatize the aggregate or skip a song on Spotify. It's an basic and automatic allotment of the console, and it's now out of activity unless you abeyance the game. It's absurd.

Why should I acquire to pause? If it's during a epitomize and I wanna bound analysis the time, why should I not be able to? If my adversary is lining a chargeless kick, it's my best if I wanna move the bank or acquire that affair allure afresh get aback to the game.

If your that afflicted by hitting abeyance button instead of dashboard button, I abhorrence there is annihilation they could do that you would accept. It's just a altered button for cripes sake, get over it snowflake.

Except it's not a altered button. It's introducing a accomplished new button columnist into what was ahead just one button press, and in actuality is just one button columnist for in actuality every added bold and app on the console.

It's traveling anon adjoin several years of beef anamnesis and intuitiveness, all because EA don't ambition to apparatus an complete band-aid to the problem. Get over it, "snowflake".

The foreground of my Xbox has an off button. If I columnist it whilst I'm arena I lose the bold so what I do is not blow it during a game... Appealing simple... Anybody knows this so now yield that advice and use it for the button on your controller... Simple abundant I think... I'm in acceding with you.

Except that button has alone 1 purpose: about-face on and off the console, while the home button has ALOT of action angry to it:

Open bulletin recieved, acquire affair invite/invite some1 to ur party, almanac screenshot, almanac clip, administer app (spotify volume, mute/leave affair babble affiliate ecc) analysis the time and abounding added functions.

You deceit just accept every1 is accomplished with a drastical change like this afterwards even accepting 24 hours to even acclimate to it. Abounding ppl acquire already absent amateur aggravating to almanac goals or entering parties due to beef memory.

This is bits and its all EA's fault. You should not amerce a accomplished association cuz you consistently do bisected assed plan and never fix a problem.

But EA brings out a bisected arsed bold year in year out and we all still buy it... For me they acquire said don't do it or such and such will appear so for me I will not do it.

Don't stick up for EA on annihilation but this to be fair to them they acquire said that it's gonna appear so what should we do?

I just will not blow it... If I do it's my accountability as I've been warned... EA wont change annihilation just coz the association ambition it appropriately why scripting and FIFA Coins handicapping is still anytime present.