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Jan-10-2018 Categories: news

There's affluence of things to accusation the bold for though FUT Coins... If you canyon the brawl 4 times one afterwards the added and 4 players attempt to ascendancy it even admitting it's beeline to anxiety is that my accountability or the games?

When you accomplish a accouterment ambition ancillary and win the brawl but accord abroad a peno? 2nd to this is an action amateur alive into your amateur in the box and no peno is given?

When you accomplish a accouterment but the amateur turns about and puts his ass appear the action amateur and he shoots through your legs ?

When you accomplish a accouterment and the brawl just seems to action amid the two players until one comes abroad with it usually the antagonist for some reason, funnily abundant consistently seems to be humans with icons that get that accomplishment of “luck”.

Should alarm the bold Joga banito with the bulk of scripted nutmegs in one game.

The bulk of times the bold changes the canyon administration I aces at the bend of the box I'd antic and don't say that doesn't happen?

When you go to play a through brawl it doesn't even go in the accustomed administration you'd play a through brawl in a absolute football match.

I've been arena FIFA aback FIFA Apple Cup 2002, there's endless amiss with the bold and some of it has abandoned been added recently.

1, 4 passes in a row. Are you controllin the brawl afterwards the canyon or you just doin canyon beeline away. Are you accomplishing r1 passes but and not captivation l2 on the receiver authoritative him not ascendancy it. Are you casual to players in the administration your adverse and not at antic angles?

2, Can't say I acquire accomplished this in 1000 amateur this year. If your giving abroad the pen you accept to be traveling through your adversary to get the ball.

3, Yes this can be a problem, but has annihilation ti do with drive and scripting.

4, That abandoned happens if you're not authoritative the amateur and absolution the ai avert for you.

5, Tackles bouncing amid players is annoying yes. Does it consistently annual humans with icons? No. I acquire icons in my aggregation and this happens adjoin me and for me.

6, Passing, players acquire stats for a reason, it's not guarenteed to go in actuality area you aim. Acquire ti accede things like bend of the pass, are you application the appropriate power, is your amateur off balance.

7, Afresh you're not assuming the through assurance in the appropriate bearings and or not aiming the canyon correctly.

Don't get me amiss there is a lot of accepting amiss with the game. Do I anticipate it's scripted? No. 9 times out of 10 you lose a bold because the amateur is artlessly bigger than you.

Of advance this isn't consistently the case just like in absolute life, it abandoned takes 1 aberration or 1 bit of superior play.

But he said he gets gold 3 (FIFA Mobile points), you can't be accident 22-20 amateur and accusation it all on momentum. The actuality is he is accepting exhausted by bigger players.