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Aug-10-2017 Categories: news

This SBC reminds me of how impaired bodies actually are. I awash an Austrian LM from the Bundesliga for 5k, three times. Accidental ass gold CBs with altered nations from their leagues for 3k each.

No admiration EA accomplish so abundant from fifa points. Or maybe they just acquire hundreds of bags of coins, a brace amazing teams bigger than annihilation they acquire anytime had in FUT.

And it is the end of the bold and in a ages or so NONE of it will bulk so yolo allegation i'll bead max BIN on every individual amateur for these endure few SBCs afterwards even blockage if I acquire them in my club cuz I don't accord a fuuuuuck about this bold anymore.

I just played 3 drafts in a row breadth I didn't even attending at who I was acrimonious for anniversary position. Never got accomplished the 2nd round.

People is stupid, you don't even charge them to be mid left, mid rights, or even CB. It is just 39 chemistry. You can do it with just leftback or wings, or cams, or...

And you don't charge them to be same-country same-league, aforementioned country will do it. There are millions of combinations. I don't apperceive about others but I acquire a abysmal club, why can't you bulk it out with complete personnel?

Or hey what about advertisement your LM's and RM's on the bazaar to armamentarium your stupidity. (Doh, did I just advance a apathetic accepting should plan hard?)

My comments arch up to this were it was traveling to be simple and that the acceptable investments would be LM, RM from aloft leagues (and bout home country) so that formed out for the op.

I warned it wouldn't be as assisting as "Chemistry is Key" - it was added a warning, rather than a "you will not accomplish coins".

I had about 100 cards bought at 350/400 and fabricated some, but it wasn't to the affiliated of Allure is key if they were affairs for 5-6k each.

Still animated some of you guys fabricated some adapted fifa mobile coins.

This has been an complete joke. Affairs all sorts of scrubs for 3k anniversary that I never would've used. I didn't advance but acquire ~500 players in my club, acceptable way to bright a lot of these out!