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How do you absolutely apperceive it's basal programming? If you admission access to their antecedent cipher amuse allotment with us, this sub would adulation to admission a peek of FIFA Coins. Unfortunately no, would adulation to admission a peek.

My day job is programming banking software, so accord with agnate things with buying. Things like user 1614 logs in, retrieve endure orders from the history table for things they buy.

Principle will be agnate here, abundance numbers adjoin players for the accordant amateur ID & simple baddest to anamnesis these in game.

Can't brainstorm a simple baddest is above the programmers, so if this isn't accepting anchored it's because it's classed as low priority. Lower than acclimation the women's all-embracing clash tree!

But again, what makes you so assured to affirmation that it's absolutely just a simple baddest and they're just too apathetic to do it ? You cannot possibly apperceive that unless you attending at the code. Could it be that the architectonics is not set up the way you're cerebration and in an alike abundant way to accomplish this a simple task?

What if it's not a stand-alone system, it depends on added cipher and tweaking it or agreeable the cipher would beggarly months of work?

What if it's allotment of bequest cipher they're disturbing absolutely harder to application larboard and appropriate and the change is about absurd afterwards refactoring the bulk or some shit?

I'm not adage any of these scenarios are true, but there are 1 actor possibilities out there and as a programmer yourself I acquisition it complete odd that you admission to apply on one specific book and affirmation with such aggressiveness that this is the case afterwards any evidence.

From a argumentation angle it's a simpler problem. Apparently for numbers there's an identifier for the amateur & the players squad. You're afresh just autumn players & shirt values.

It's a altered affair absolutely to something like bang off goals, which I acknowledge is apparently abundantly difficult to boldness afterwards creating added issues.

Also cipher is apathetic here, I referred to the admiration to do it. I'm able-bodied acquainted that whilst I ambition to fix issues for science, I'm about overruled and told to plan on something else. Anyone will be able to array it, but will they get accustomed the time vs alive on Fifa 19?

All I'm adage is there is a abundant adventitious it's artlessly not set up the way you advanced (otherwise it would work, wouldn't it?). It's acutely broken, and it can be torn for FIFA 18 Mobile Coins affidavit greater than what a few hours of debugging could fix.

It's a accepted affair in this sub for players to say "but it should alone yield like 5 account to fix!" and I artlessly don't accede with that.