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I use Draxler to but assurance me that agenda is just a simple imitation of FIFA Mobile Coins. I affirm he had 85 blow 95 dribbling 99 cutting 90 casual and 80 physical.

This guy agitated me to analysis 1, which ive never in actuality done afresh in fifa. And he was amidst by lewandowski, reus, robben etc.

But him and de bruyne outshone them. The 451 was batty that year too. And aogo at cm for some acumen acquainted like he had about 95 longshots with his 60 shooting.

It's acceptable advancing but its not arresting abundant for me. I consistently get hit on counterattacks. I anticipate one way thats in actuality acceptable is to acquire a box to box or amateur with med/high like fernandinho so they advice the advance but break aback abundant to advice defend. I def wanna try it afresh at some point cos the 451 aggregation i acclimated was prob the best aggregation i anytime used.

I feel like it in actuality needs the appropriate instructions and CT's to be air-conditioned able and i just gotta accumulate tweaking. Yes it isn't abundant defensively so you adeptness acquire to put top burden on the opponent. Maybe a high/high WR fullback on the LM/RM position with acceptable activity and dribbling.

Sounds accepted but it's something that could work. I'm not decidedly acceptable added amateur but I'm abiding as hell adequate the actuality that i'm not arena apparent advancing 4-1-2-1-2(2) ping-ping anymore.

I alone started arena at fifa 14 cos it was one of the alone amateur me and my bro had if the xbox one came out. So my a lot of cornball memories are from that game. That was if fifa still acquainted in actuality arcadey and just fun, afore they started aggravating (and failing) to accomplish it realistic.

Non rares on that bold were the best ive anytime used, abnormally draxler, de bruyne, aogo and perisic from memory. Draxler was just an complete god player, ive actually never acclimated a bigger amateur than him. I affirm down he had 85 blow 95 dribbling 99 cutting 90 casual and 80 physical.

And had the 54 Afresh de bruyne next to him in a 451 with lewa in foreground of them, i affirm you would never absence a shot. De bruyne was about actually the aforementioned as draxler but acquainted a bit slower.

I absence that game, i ambition humans still played it and i ambition i didnt accord all my Coins to my acquaintance cos he just blew it all on packs, the impaired cunt haha. It was like 300k too. Prob could acquire got messi at that point but nah.