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FIFA Mobile - How is this agnate to the WL

Comparison that I'd like to point out FIFA Mobile Coins, as some may say there's no affinity amid the botheration in Battlefront 2, and the problems in FIFA.

Aside from the abominable accompaniment that gameplay is in... the added bigger complaint by far, is about the anatomy of Weekend League. It's been a complaint for months and months bidding by the community, streamers, youtubers and pros...

The complaint about Battlefront 2 FYI, was that it would yield about 40 hours of gameplay to acquire the coins to buy a Hero. Or you can absorb absolute money.

Now how is this agnate to the WL?

Call it a amplitude if you like, but in both instances you accept a claim for an UNHEALTHY bulk of gameplay/structure in adjustment to be adored with content... or you can skip it and accord EA your activity savings.

Regardless of whether you see the affinity or not, EA responded ALREADY, by acid the bulk of that hero by a abounding 75%. A HUGE acknowledgment and change (people still aren't blessed which is fine). But the point is they in actuality responded to it.

Additionally the Devs are now traveling to be accomplishing an AMA on /r/gaming as well.

Now actuality at FIFA, with a accepted game, a wanna be e-sport...

We can't even get a individual animadversion on these issues. I achievement some humans will apprehend that FIFA is just a banknote cow at this point, and it's become readily credible that EA do not accord a corruption about alteration the bold because it makes too abundant money.

Just aggravating to advance acquaintance at how little it at atomic APPEARS EA affliction about the FIFA association and the committed players. I apperceive there are devs who appearance this appointment from time to time, and all I'm aggravating to say to you, is... a little communication goes a continued way.

It blew up and was everywhere so they were affected to yield activity and it aswell could accept bargain the sales of the game, a lot of things that go amiss with Fifa appear afterwards barrage so they already accept our money. The abandoned time something big kicked off and it got assimilate the foreground page of Reddit and lots of account advantage was the chem aboideau and they addressed it.

Only way to get EA to change something is if it gets apple advanced account and affects sales, we accept bought the bold the others had not bought Brilliant Wars so they had to do something.