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Oct-10-2017 Categories: news

Anyone abroad anytime feel the CPU occasionally just decides you're not acceptable no bulk what? Just had my endure band action for the day, the CPU gave itself 2 penalties for antic handballs (one a amateur blocked his face as anyone hit a attack from point blank, the added was sandwiched amid two jumpers at a corner), adored aggregate I threw at it, cheap FIFA Mobile Coins and if I played the complete through brawl in the 80th minute miraculously the amateur didn't acknowledge to my columnist of the shoot button for a abounding three abnormal until he was in the keeper's lap.

And what's with these through assurance you play that are atom on, but the receiver decides for some acumen to run in a big bend about the brawl at the end?

I can affirm the amends thingy. Looks like wherever you try to put the brawl and no bulk how abundant adeptness you use the AI will consistently save it.

I had 4 penalties adjoin the AI so far from fouls central the box and 3 of them got adored and abandoned managed to account 1 from switching admonition in the endure second. (if I wouldn't accept switched directions, allegedly this one would've been saved too)

The AI is 100% like this. I've been accomplishing the Band Battles on allegorical all night. Aboriginal bold was 3-1, afresh I won 2-0, afresh I got burst 5-2.

There's a agglomeration of dodgy accepting with the AI. If you watch the clip of a amateur appropriate afore you yield ascendancy of him, he slows down as anon as you get control. Even if you're abounding on sprinting. Sometimes players just lose absorption in the ball. It's bizarre.

I ahead it's abundant that Band Battles has accustomed players that commonly stick to arena adjoin added humans an befalling to acquaintance a able new apple of scripting.

Those of us that accept been arena careers for years can acquaint you far added about scripting than any online amateur has anytime seen.

Ever in actuality debris Barca one bold and get in actuality besmirched by Boca Jr. the next on the aforementioned difficulty?

I just abhorrence the 360 careful circling that the CPU does, if they accept the brawl in their arresting third and you're putting burden on them.

It's their little get out of bastille chargeless card, but if you try it, they just barge through you and yield the ball.

For instance, I congenital a backbone team, just to see if I could authority up the brawl and absorber like the CPU does, but its impossible.

I don't apperceive what buttons the CPU is pressing, but if they don't ambition to accord the brawl away, they won't. But they can yield it from you in a heartbeat.

I anticipation I was traveling crazy if they took the brawl abroad from my air-conditioned able careful amateur from abaft with players like Sterling and similar.