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Dec-04-2017 Categories: news

Making my aggregation play like bronzes in Band Battles doesn't accomplish me accessible my wallet, EA... It just discourages me from even aperture the game(FIFA Coins).

If the ambition is to complete the bulk of rewards from SB, afresh abate the rewards. I don't mind.

I'd rather adore some bland offline gameplay and get atom for rewards than accept my aggregation affronted into a Sunday Alliance XI that comes up adjoin 59 rated brownish strikers that distill and accomplishment like Lionel himself for 45 amateur a week.

Exactly why I've chock-full arena the bold abreast from accepting a few SB amateur in. It's fun to body up a aggregation that you've had in your head, but afresh added generally than not if you yield them to the bend the stats don't in actuality matter.

If you get the dice cycle of your players in actuality afterward commands afresh it's fine, but like you said, if there's no acumen amid a no-name brownish and an aristocratic amateur it's just pointless.

Bought Griezmann. Aboriginal bold he played like a god and muscled off all advancing defenders. And on the added game? He seemed to bang the brawl abroad if Bailly so abundant as looked at him.

Absolutely ridiculous. Apparent added humans animadversion the same...They get a big amateur from a backpack or from the market...Plays like a barbarian for a while afresh afterwards a few amateur the aforementioned shit.

Makes humans ahead it's them and that they charge added and added bigger players. EA's the worst. Funny affair is endure time I mentioned this I got downvoted and anyone commented "Well why do pros go 40:0 then?"

Totally with you. My aggregation isnt by far the best but these guys are all aboriginal alliance players. But for about two weeks now my aggregation feels like shit. I could accomplish 4 reddit posts a bold with the bits accident in my games.

Two weeks ago I was able to beat the allegorical AI 5:0 in actuality regulary. Now Im blessed if i beat em 4:3 or 3:2. Balls are constandly rolling through my players feet.

I accept to stop and analysis 20 times a bold just to see that the bend I apprenticed the canyon in and the produced canyon accept a 30° difference.

I apperceive aggressive has m/l but man if i columnist l1 zu forward him down the band to Buy FIFA Mobile Coins he runs one fucking footfall and afresh stands still on the aforementioned atom and stops affective for 5 minutes.