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Dec-05-2017 Categories: news

Screenshots from the T100 whatsapp accumulation appearance that these guys apprentice and apperceive anniversary others kit by hart and alone play home games. That's how they abstain anniversary other. Lyricz30 has been allotment of the T100 FIFA Coins group. He showed screenshots on Twitter here. If you annal down you see added screenshots, aswell yield a attending at his added tweets.

What does the Reddit association anticipate about this? Fair or cheating? Does EA charge to change matchmaking e.g. with accepted atramentous and white home & abroad kits and accidental amphitheater or is it accomplished as it is?

FUT and FIFA in accepted has become a travesty. There are so abounding problems from basal bold play issues to things like this that it is a atrocious antic to even accede this a fun and aggressive game. I am a FUT founder, I am about as loyal a FIFA amateur you can be.

I accept endemic every alone FIFA anytime fabricated and will apparently abide the attitude artlessly because I adulation the sport. One affair I will not do and haven't done in years is buy points. One affair I accept accomplished is that I charge to stop caring so abundant about this game.

I charge to stop accepting so absorbed and absorption by the bright "new" cards and "exciting" promos and just be agreeable with arena the bold (which is aswell accepting harder to do with the fuckery that goes on sometimes). I just charge to stop putting FIFA (FUT specifically) so top on my account of priorities.

I ashen so abundant time every weekend endure year arena the WL and for what? To be aghast in my account and account accolade packs? To save up for weeks and weeks to buy a amateur that seems to accept inconsistent stats?

I abstruse a admired appointment from endure year and that is there are far added important things to do than accent out every weekend over a video bold one ability beforehand wasn't even fun for me.

At this point, FUT Champs just gives casuals the apparition of "competing". It is just a way to add "longvity" to this game. brainstorm FIFA afterwards FUT Champs. What abroad would we have? Just capacity and draft.

Usually bodies chock-full arena afterwards January or so as it was complete dull. Now with fut champs, we accept a "reason" to play every weekend.

FUT Champs is just a way for EA to admission the boilerplate bulk of canicule spent throughout the year = college revenues through fifa credibility on average.

EA never advised to go for the Esports. their compassionate of "Esports" is just a business activity to accomplish casuals accept that they can attempt adjoin the best.

Sadly, even the best players just play adjoin gold 1 or gold 2 players a lot of of the time. The accomplished game, the servers and the approach are in fact fucked. There is annihilation that will accord EA an allurement to fix these issues, as in their eyes the bold is perfect: absolute in the faculty of maximizing revenues.

Going for a cable based archetypal afterwards anniversary releases ability be the adapted accommodation for Esports (get more FIFA Mobile Coins), as you can beforehand the bold from a "solid" abject with accepted updates, but it is just abominable unlikly as this will aching the casuals = less revenues.