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I anticipate Acceptable the CL and La Liga aswell as accepting the best CM in the apple appropriate now puts him with a solid chance.Just analytical who would your 3 midfielders be?

Edit: Grammar.

Mine would be Modric, Kante and Kroos...Casemiro over Kante. Champions Alliance and La Liga will win it over acceptable the Prem.

Then we should accord the accomplished TOTY to Real? Kante was argueably one of the top 3 best midfielders this season, and he's afar advanced of Casemiro, Casemiro has the brand of Kroos, Modric, Ronaldo, Bale, Carvajal, Ramos, Marcelo, Asensio all alive with him acutely he's traveling to win trophies!

Absolute bollocks Kante is "miles better" than Casemiro. Fuck me some of you lot don't bisected chate shite do you?

How can you say Casemiro is bigger than Kante? I'm not even accepting biased here, I don't abutment teams from either countries but appear on.

If Kante played for Complete Madrid they'd win the Champions Alliance either way. If Casemiro played for Chelsea they MIGHT acquire still won the Premier League.

It's not just a accompaniment that a amateur like Kante who controls the midfield by himself administer to win the alliance alert in a row with a aggregation who were adverse assignment the year before, and a aggregation who had a new administrator with little experience in the Premier League.

Kante is artlessly one of the best midfielders in the world, Casemiro is abundant yes but he's not even a top 10 MIDFIELDER in the world, we could acquire advanced of him as a midfielder; Coutinho, Iniesta, Isco, Asensio, Thiago, Verratti, Eriksen, Busquets...Just to name a few. He may about become one of the best 5 in the apple he has the abeyant but for now, no.

Best midfielder in the world? acquaintance he was complete shite abnormally in the Arsenal bold in September and Spurs in January, alone if Conte afflicted to 5atb and played arresting did Kante do able-bodied and still he had a abounding anniversary of preperation to blow up and acquire Conte did abounding anniversary approach admitting all the added top 6 abandon were in Europe and all were adequately shite except for Spurs who had had a abhorrent bank and not abundant acquaintance in appellation run ins.

Fair for acceptable the alliance with Leicester but Vardy denticulate all those goals and the blow of the aggregation formed harder too everybody seems to discredit the blow of the team.

I'm not aggravating to be a twat but for years Complete even if they won the CL in 2014 the midfield was consistently adequately abhorrent defensively until Casemiro came in and adequate Kroos and Modric, his accession to anatomy has accordingly came at the aforementioned time Madrid took Bayern/Barcas arch as the amount 1 aggregation by a acceptable bit in the world.

Come on Kante got bossed by Wanyama and everytime he plays Dembele he gets fabricated a appearance of.

The dude is just a waterboy who has 200 backbone and Usain Bolt clip he is about a beneath accomplished Mark Noble with Mark Allen(Ironman legend) backbone he is one of the a lot of arid players in the apple to watch no skill, no vision, no technical adeptness just a Lance Armstrong regen I would be acutely abashed if he's still a aboriginal aggregation amateur in one of the top 4 leagues at 33 if his legs are gone.

Lets see how he does in actuality arena WEEK IN WEEK OUT adjoin TOP superior action like the top 8 European abandon with a stronger United/City/Spurs/Liverpool to cope with afore we alpha putting a marathan agent on the aforementioned akin as Ronaldinho ok?

Kante got rekt by Herrera as well, which is even anathema because Herrera was appearance Hazard too.

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