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93 Gullit adeptness be the best FUT Card ever. I anticipation that was alone because of chemgate, so that shouldnt be the case anymore. Or is this the hidden stats anybody talks about?

It wasn't because of chemgate, the approach is that the "composure" carbon makes players consistently better, that's why all legends/icons basically acquire ridiculously top accord stats and feel a lot bigger in game.

When I played on xbox you could acutely acquaint the difference, application legends and again application players with bigger stats, the legends were still better.

We don't apperceive if it's because of accord or not, but the actuality is that anyone who has acclimated the best legends can acutely apprehension it.

That adeptness explain it, but there is problems with that because players like son who was one of the best strikers in 17 alone had 72 composure. Aswell aggressive alone had 80 accord but still makes aristocratic akin teams.

Its acutely abstract but to be honest i begin some fable badly underwhelming. Keane, pires, kluivert, van basten, baresi shevchenko, hagi and hernandez all stood at as worse than their stats appropriate for me.

Ive acclimated the best legends as well, the alone ones ive not acclimated this year is pele, guillet and a brace of the lower ones like shearer and donovan, I've acclimated every added fable and while they are good, top tots players acquainted acutely bigger

than them and TOTS mertens admitting the 75 accord has been my a lot of analytic amateur this year.

Try arena with Best and again with any added aristocratic bank RW. Even if he's lower in stats, Best plays to a aloft level.

Even with basal legends the aberration is palpable. I ran a aggregation with Shearer for bisected the year because he was a catchbasin and a finishing machine. It fabricated no faculty to advancement him if any added striker paled in comparison.

Go out and try the cheaper legends now, while the bold apprehension down. You'll feel the difference.

It is all anecdotal, about I've never heard an accomplished amateur disagree.

I've acclimated best and while he was great, ive begin bigger wingers wingers. Players like TOTS Insigne, TOTS forsberg, POTM Son and ronaldo outshone him for me.

I explained in accession commment that ive acclimated all the legends this year except pele/guillet and a few of the low bank legends (shearer donovan beirhoff etc.).

I ran a aggregation with suker and stoichkov for bisected of the year. While legends do feel acceptable in game, players who are bigger tend to outshine them.

I ran a aggregation with 2IF perisic and suker. Suker was one of my favourite strikers this year but perisic was calmly down better.

Legends can be great FIFA Mobile Coins, but players that acquire bigger stats astute commonly just play bigger for me.

Maybe its because humans are added acquainted of players they acquire invested in heavily, such as legends so pay added absorption to them. Able-bodied I assumption i disagree and ive been arena aback fifa 03.