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Mar-05-2018 Categories: news

Here are 3 appearance in FIFA that Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins would be great. What are your thoughts?

First of all. I apperceive there's bigger problems. I'm one of the bigger complainers. Let's attending accomplished that, please.

1, Chem aftereffect in aspect data tab. Aboriginal of all. EA got this appropriate and we don't acclaim it enough. I'm so animated I can analysis stats alfresco of a bold and not through a website. Able-bodied done EA. Can we get Chem furnishings next?

2, Addition abundant affection is the activating substitutions. However, FUT needs an advantage to baddest who you ambition for a specific position, or at atomic added than one sub option. Picture this: authority RT during a epitomize and instead of 1 player, all 7 subs appear. Use LS/RS to baddest and columnist A. I'm annoyed of my bakayoko accepting appropriate to alter aggressive or and carnality versa.

3, GK view. On chargeless kicks, the antagonist can opt to to get abaft the aback appearance or approved view. Accustomed how humans corruption abbreviate canyon and shoot, I alway cull abroad 2 from the bank and columnist A. But if I can acquaint he's gonna shoot I Jump. I ambition to see the GK appearance to see breadth my bank is and how apparent the column is.

And Chemistry needs a above amend or just needs a accuracy update. Nobody knows what annihilation does, it just does something (apparently). That's so weird.

I accept aswell not acclimated Activating subs already aback it's just a gimmick. Your abstraction is nice but aswell not ideal. Can you do preset activating subs in FUT, that would be absolute tbh. Added automated = better.

Free bliss aswell needs a above overhaul, I accept denticulate maybe 2 absolute chargeless bliss and cba to apprentice the cheese humans do with the active bodies on chargeless kicks, fck that. Just let me shoot on ambition with my Roberto Carlos and in actuality array of arise abutting from time to time.

The guy was like the best chargeless bang bacteria in the world, breadth did that all go? Chargeless bliss are in fact a gimmick in this abundance of FIFA and EA does not assume to even mind.

I in actuality adopt FKs accepting crazily harder to account direct. In accomplished fifas breadth 75% of fks central of 30 yards were goals... that was broken. Accomplish association account from accessible play. Not indefendable absolute chargeless kicks.

I like #1 though.

Also just on the fk thing, I'd like to see a rework of chargeless bliss out of scoring range. I abhorrence the amateur you gotta play to accomplish abiding you don't anon canyon it their striker for an insta score to buy FUT Coins. I consistently feel I'm disadvantaged by acceptable a chargeless kick.