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FIFA - Mino Raiola is a massive money avaricious cunt

Mino Raiola is a massive money avaricious cunt...Why would you accusation the administrator instead of the player?

Raiola can't force Donnarumma to leave FIFA 17 Coins, if he wants to leave it's his own choice.

Donna is the money avaricious cunt here, Raiola is his manager, and acutely his administrator will consistently attending for the best accord accessible money wise.

That's why Raiola has so abounding top players alive for him, because those players apperceive that, if they ambition to leave and acquire money, Raiola will do that for them.

They are both appropriately bedraggled in this. And that Donnarumma ethics himself a £45 mil amateur just makes me beam even more. But I'm abiding a big club like Man City-limits or PSG will snatch him up just because of the "prestigious" bulk tag. "He's expensive! We allegation him!"

Ps. Just attending at the blazon of arrangement he's demanding.

Looking at the prices clubs are ambitious for added players, £45 mil isn't too bad because he could be a top amateur for the next two decades.

If this was his additional season, assuming on a top akin continuously, I'd say sure. But it's too aboriginal to adjudicator afterwards one division IMO.

Milan offered him the money that would accomplish him the third accomplished earning GK in the world. And they refused.

Put yourself in his shoes. Yield added money or don't yield added money. That's what it comes down to. Makes me ailing how abounding humans abhorrence on this 18 year old kid for absent to accomplish the a lot of money possible.

God forbid the kid yield added money at some abode like PSG than fucking MILAN. I'm apologetic but they're not acceptable the alliance any time soon.

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