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FIFA - Maybe add in agreement then

Could you brainstorm this? Go into a playlist like CoD,FIFA 18 Coins baddest claiming and afresh play. Get about akin with someone, lineups are set like they were IRL.

Say you're Crystal Palace, you go into a bold at 70 account with a 2-1 advance and are told to accomplish you accept to authority assimilate the lead, whilst your adversary gets assigned Chelsea and accept to account in the next 20 account (+ the 9 mins of abeyance time from the complete game).

That would be abhorrent for whoever was on the accident team. The CP ancillary would just esplanade the bus and adulteration time by active it to the bend banderole and shielding.

As acceptable as it sounds, what you're adage is in actuality what would happen.Make it so the accident ancillary gets added bill if they accomplish than the acceptable side.

Maybe add in agreement afresh - no added than 40% ascendancy or something. Maybe accomplish it a bold approach in FUT, and the added things you do, the added bill you get.

For example, it could be Liverpool vs Everton today, Liverpool 2-1 up at bisected time. The claiming starts for the additional half, and the aboriginal cold for both teams is to account addition goal.

Then, accomplish a allotment of possession, acquire added shots on target, exhausted 3 players with accomplishment etc. Maybe if you abandoned acquisition out the next cold afterwards you complete the aboriginal it'd accomplish amateur added exciting.