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Jul-09-2017 Categories: news

25 objectives AND a Birmingham U. s. gamer now? 88+ rated? 86 or 87, but then again Kane should be at least one ranking higher!

Kane is the best striker in the PL at this moment and yes even though Aguero is amazing I'd still rate Kane greater than him (Right now) because everyone knows Aguero back again then was unbeatable, he needs to leave City.

Even if he does he cannot exceed Kane imo, that guy is a screwing machine! I'd say only Suarez,Lewandowski and Higuain are the better strikers than kane in the whole globe.

I'd say Lukaku should be 86 and Kane should be an 88 or maybe even 89.

He's definitely one of the best strikers on the globe right now (I'm not British and not being one-sided in anyway) but he does not get the credit he should get, obviously he has 2 wonderful CAMs behind him but still he can complete anything, I hope he simply leaves and connects a simpler team so he can win something (No violation Spur fans but you know).

I'd like to know why individuals think U. s. players are overrated?

Smalling is the only one I can think of. Martial's 82 is reasonable after the season he had when he first came.

Mkhitaryans 85 is perhaps overlooked considering he was Dortmund POTY Ibra 90 is reasonable De Gea 90 is reasonable Pogba 88 is appropriate, only individuals who don't observe soccer don't agree Bailly 82 is reasonable Valencia 82 is reasonable Herrera 83 is absolutely correct Rooney should be less but it's rooney Rashford 77 is probably unjust Shaw 80 is reasonable after the possibility he was displaying.

So please, where is the idea that EA really like providing united players excellent ranked credit cards coming from?

Martial is 82 but does he REALLY perform like an 82? Have you seen Bailly? The guy performs better than screwing Ramos ffs.

There's a distinction between being overrated and crowded out FIFA 18 Coins.

Martial performed like an 82 last season did season not so much.