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FIFA - Living from SBC to SBC

Does anyone abroad consistently delay for a new SBC to absolution whether it's MM or POTM or any added one? I adulation accomplishing SBCs and Cheap FIFA Coins the actuality that we get packs, behindhand of what I get in them is somewhat advantageous in itself.

Only ones I accept accessible to do are EFL (20/24), LaLiga (17/20), and bronze/silver/gold upgrades.

Do you do it to aggregate the cards or just to do the SBC?

I do it for the packs, sometimes for the player. But over the accomplished 2-4 weeks I've been extenuative packs and accept about 120 accessible for TOTS, now including two TOTW amateur packs.

About 60-70 of them are just exceptional or colossal gold/silver packs, but the added 50-60 are amateur packs or better. But I'm abiding there's humans with alert as abounding as me saved.

Did you save them all up from SBCs?

A few may be from draft, but I can't bethink could could could could cause I play abstract like a absolute of 6 times a year lol I did just authorize for WL for the aboriginal time today, so hopefully I can get some acceptable rewards to save too.

Maaan, that abounding packs and alone 1st WL. Breadth you get the bill to do all those SBCs?

Got Pogba and griezmann in the aforementioned day and fabricated about 650k. Aswell FIFA points.

I adulation that SBC makes me "create" a band of players in my club, or analytic for a cheapest solution. And aswell gives me befalling to accessible packs. But afterwards I accept done it, it's boring.

I don't play WL, because on PC there are 99 ovr cheaters. I can address them, EA will absolutely ban them... But, I will still lose games, FIFA 17 Coins and befalling to win bigger awards. I play alone FUT draft, because there are "only" those disconection cheaters, and abounding of them are "nice" to accord an OG :D But added than that, FIFA is a little arid for me. SBC is alone my admired allotment of FIFA.