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Mar-15-2017 Categories: news

Is FUT killing FIFA?That is a catechism I accept been absorption for a few years actually.

To be in fact honest, it is something I'm affectionate of afraid to put out there, due to the abhorrence I adeptness be getting.

I apperceive this is a complete arguable opinion, I apperceive I know. But afore you go "What the FUCK?" and downvote me, or just downvote me because my name is Driblus, just apprehend me out, apprehend me out.

This is aswell a theory, and not something that can be accepted in any way, appearance or form. Its aswell the bold beheld from my perspective. Anyone elses adeptness be different.

To aboriginal accord you some accomplishments as to why Im adage this, and I'll be apropos to gameplay issues aural the game, but maybe not in fact explain what I'm talking about in this post, go accept a attending at this post. I am traveling into a lot of the issues, in in fact a bit of detail in that post.

Now that is a in fact continued read, so I apprehend humans wont absorb time account it – but I anticipate you should. If you dont wish to, thats accomplished too.

Also be warned, as this is also, as consistently a complete continued read. Its me afterwards all.

To the point...

Why am I cerebration that FUT's killing FIFA? FUT has added the amateur acceptance massively. Humans accept a lot of fun adequate the new agreeable like FUT Champs and SBC, bags of altered array cards like movember, alarming cards, amateur of the match, amateur of the year, amateur of the season, amateur of the game, players of the week, you fucking name it.

Even endure years Drafts, are additions to FUT that in fact accept bigger the tinkering allotment of FIFA, for anybody who enjoys a bit of tinkering.

But, what about the bold play? I feel that abnormally amid FIFA 16 and FIFA 17, the mentality of the bold architecture accept afflicted drastically.

To me, it has gone from an OK, aggressive bold – to a bold abounding of automatic functions that goes far to ruin the gameplay, and achieve it (rather unintentionally) arid and beneath aggressive (I doubtable unintentionally).

There are now so abundant automatic accepting in the game, that some times, you hardly even accept to play it. Automatic defending, automatic interceptions, acclimation peoples mistakes, and abstain peoples mistakes for them. Now, I'd accept to accredit to my previous posts for added admonition on those issues.

But, why is this happening?

Well, my appearance is that a lot of this is accident because of the admiration by EA to allay their barter accumulated with the ultimate ambition of accretion revenue. Even from the point area it is now.

They are in actuality basically apprenticed by LAW to do that, for their shareholders, and shareholders will consistently appear to anniversary affairs and catechism why they arent authoritative added money.

So how do EA in fact achieve their money? Acutely – microtransactions. Those that apperceive me on these forums, apperceive that I in fact abhor these kinds of FIFA 17 Coins things. Abnormally if they are affecting gameplay in one way or another. In FUT they dont alone affect gameplay, they aswell affect the market.