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Jun-08-2018 Categories: news

Played 15 amateur with Romain alessandrini and was abundantly surprised( a lot of were wl and 1 was d2 and a few were d1) Acclimated him at lam and for 9 goals and 4 assists in those games, which is abundant acknowledgment for a lam. Hes the affliction of my foreground 4 (r9 gullit tots son) but not by much.

Pace 9.6/10

Can't accountability his pace, he's accelerated he could be a bit quicker but that's just accepting too captious in my assessment as I never had an affair with his clip and he consistently managed to adeptness through assurance out advanced from my ram/rb and outdistance defenders.

Shooting 8.6/10

His finishing wasn't the greatest, which is adequately accepted accustomed he has 85 finishing but he alone absent one bright befalling for me, while 85 finishing may not assume abundant his attempt adeptness helped the brawl acquisition the ashamed of the net often.

Despite his longshot stats accepting adequately low his longshots were batty (like gullit level) due to the top attempt adeptness and continued bacteria attempt trait.

Passing 8/10

Nothing to animadversion on here, his passes were consistently award the man and didn't accept any issues with it, but he doesn't accept that effortless casual feel that players like tots kroos have.

Dribbling 9.9/10

I would accord it 10/10 but annihilation is anytime perfect, but alessandrinis dribbling is abutting to perfection. Maxed out activity and antithesis as able-bodied as acceleration and abstruse dribbler affection accomplish him a amusement to use. He is by far the best dribbler on my team, his dribbling is on par with 95 neymar and toty messi imo.

Defending-irrelevant Physical- 8/10

Alessandrini seemed a lot stronger than 71 backbone (probably due to his top balance) I never had any issues with his backbone and never got pushed off the ball, in actuality if captivation l2 he calmly brushed defenders aside. His backbone isnt abundant accustomed all the tots cards with 99 but 92 backbone is still appealing good.

Overall appraisement 8.9/10 bulk for bill 9.9/10

Alessandrini was abundant to use due to his clip and dribbling and is decidedly bargain (he's still beneath 20k on ps4) due to anybody accepting tots cards. Id acclaim aggravating him out he's decidedly bigger than his 82 imo and FIFA 19 Coins with the 1 nation weekend alliance next anniversary he's abiding to rise.