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FIFA - I will bulk something out

I spent all my FIFA 17 Coins to buy this agenda if it aboriginal came out. I'm abutting a 1000 goals. He's a bluff code.

I'm so aflame for the weekend league! He'll accept to be a air-conditioned sub in my capital aggregation but I'm cerebration of authoritative a new aggregation based on him and SBC Suarez.

I apperceive I apperceive I'm gonna accept to change my accomplished aggregation about but I'll bulk something out.

I ambition I still had this card, I go through that abounding aggregation changes, him up foreground with the Quaresma TOTS RF would be unstoppable. You could use that Nani altogether agenda on the larboard too.

I've been absent to try that Quaresma, I anticipate I'll do that. This is the aggregation I have, and he's amazing, I beggarly the aggregation is appealing frigging good, but Ronaldo Striker is so good, I did acquisition his branch torn admitting on both ST cards, in a bad way. Added than abreast column corners he never headed with ability on any cross.

93 Suarez is still the best striker I've used, I've acclimated TOTY Suarez, he was too fast far his own good, I anticipate due to antithesis issues it acquainted like his finishing was lower, but I haven't acclimated the SBC or 94 IF.

How's that Casemiro? Is there a Big aberration amid the 88 and 87?

He's absolutely good. I don't absence my Kante days. If you can acquiesce it he complements altogether with TOTY modric.

Misses the casual sitter, but his continued shots are complete good, and he's strong, and alpine abundant to win headers.

Edit: I've aswell acclimated anniversary abundance of Casemiro, and this is the aboriginal one I begin his clip isn't a let down.