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Jul-10-2017 Categories: news

Ive fabricated a analysis that I would like some acknowledgment on. This weekend me and my Mrs played fut champs together, 20 amateur each, 1 for 1... (shes superior by the way, aristocratic monthlies on her own annual a lot of months).

Anyway, I was watching and celebratory alot of fifa.

I noticed altered players acquire altered animations for FIFA 18 Coins altered actions. eg that arrest action if smalling makes a accouterment is solid and strong, but if aigrette goes to accouterment he just sticks a basal in. Aforementioned with dribbling, Messi is so cottony and smooth, area as lukaku is big and clunky. Its astute in a sense, that defenders would acquire bigger arrest address afresh a accompaniment and abate guys are added active afresh big belgian men. But this isnt consistently the case.

What I acquire noticed is that abandoned amateur stats actuate what action the agenda has, not the complete amateur himself. Im traveling to use Aigrette for an example, because he is the agenda I apparent this on... Alot of the fifa apple say manes cards are rubbish, and that there is no aberration amid his NIF and TOTS. I consistently apprehend he doesnt acquire 99 pace, and his dribbling stats are not all 90+. Which I acquire is in actuality true. And heres why.

Different stats aftereffect the animations used, which in about-face furnishings the way anniversary agenda feels. Now, Apparition NIF, has 80 backbone and 90 agility. If I acclimated his NIF while accomplishing this test, I noticed he acquainted like all the added top wingers in the game, quick, agile, sharp. You can acquaint his casual and acid stats are lower, but he acquainted messi like. I played 5 amateur just to accomplish abiding it was consistent. Afresh I swapped aback to his TOTS. That agenda has 97 strength, and an boilerplate of 96 beyond the dribbling stats. But hes no area abreast as quick and active and is NIF... wtf right? how doesnt an 82 agenda feel bigger afresh a 91?

That 97 backbone carbon is why. Ive noticed that in all cards that acquire 90+ strength, they feel slower afresh their stats, and worse dribbling afresh their stats. This is because of the animations on altered cards. It feels like there are 4 different animations for altered types of players. Strong, Fast, Agile, and playmakers. And i feel these animations acquire an aftereffect on the cards stats. Eg, Players in the 'Strong' mould, are harder to get off the ball, mostly tall, with a solid build...lukaku, smalling, fellani etc, which is good, but if it comes to dribbling and agility, they lack, worse afresh what their stats say. TOTS lukaku has 94 dribbling but it feels like its about 80. They feel clunky, because they are in the 'strong/clunky' animations mould.

From my observations, Apparition aboriginal few cards area in the 'agile/fast' mould, but in his 86, 87, otw and tots, his backbone is over 90, and his animations in actuality change, he has the aforementioned animations as pogba, arnautovic, and kane...havent arrested any others. Basically, FIFA sees apparition agenda as accepting a solid, able amateur thats harder to get off the ball. We see aigrette on the screen, and apperceive how he plays irl, and try to play him like a cottony winger. This is why so abounding players are adage he is trash, because in my opinion, all of his added stats are accomplished by his animations, he shoots like lukaku, and needs to get the brawl out from his feet, because hes not a accompaniment in FIFAs eyes. It furnishings his dribbling, he dribbles added like pogba afresh a accompaniment with 96 dribbling. It furnishings his dispatch massively, because again, the bold thinks hes a 'Strong mould' player. aforementioned as lukaku, he has like 92 pace, feels like 82.

I would in fact like any feedback, because appropriate now I acquire that Stats aftereffect animations, and Animations aftereffect the way your amateur plays, behindhand of what the stats say. Kinda like amateur traits... They get new ancestry with every inform. I achievement algidity rectifies this afore 18.

Thanks for reading.

TL:DR Apologetic lads i had no abstraction what this was afore today, and spent bisected an hour autograph this corruption column for the reddit community, SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY GODDAMN WORD I HAVE TO SAY! (not angry, just use any befalling to advertence Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer)