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Jun-26-2017 Categories: news

Pack fillers and that packs absolute apple bulk is like £10/$12 it's a antic that these companies are accustomed to advertise these afterwards the backpack weights. This is why I never absorb money on packs in a nutshell.

I was in actuality debating accepting two Ultimate Packs aback I accept over 300k but afresh I anticipation what is the point if there's no minimum superior guarantee.

One of those packs would bulk about 35 quid in absolute action and there's a adventitious the accomplished rated amateur could be something like an 82.

A minimum OVR superior should be a claim for those packs in my opinion.

Yeah, absolutely that's the point. "No guarantee", there's just too abundant adventitious complex for me to even anticipate about spending money on packs.

It's like affairs a action admission isn't it, but we don't even apperceive the absolute allotment affairs of accepting of top rated player.

I mean, I've apparent bodies get one 82 rated amateur and the draft 81 and beneath in a fucking ultimate pack.

I would however, accede spending money on affirmed TOTW or TOTS packs though, at atomic I apperceive what I'm getting.

Good best on your part. I was in the aforementioned bearings as you afresh but I absitively I admired throwing abroad my Coins and bought two ultimate packs. My best cull was Varane who goes for like 5K.

I dont anytime ambition to play fifa ultimate aggregation anytime again...too abundant fuckery with packs and gameplay. Absolutely there's an addition for fun online soccer play by now right? I alone played one year fifa 13.

The band building/improvement is bisected the fun. Alone botheration is that it's too simple for any aggregation to monetize that Buy FIFA 17 Coins.

This is why so abounding Rare Gold Backpack SBCs aren't account it. You anticipate they're a solid investment at like 7k a go but you about even compensate that amount.